Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I read an article that really disturbed me a lot. I debated a bit about putting up a dark post about it, and have finally acquiesced.

"Kevin Whitrick was a 42 year old man who, March 23rd, became the UK's first cyber suicide today. He was participating in a chatroom, webcam'ing the entire event of him typing a cord around a hook and tying it around his neck. Some users of the chatroom that watched it described it in various ways. Some saying that they pleaded with him to not do it; others say they heard people egging him on. Then when he committed the act, the tone changed and the people in the chatroom realized it was no joke and several called the authorities."

What does this say about our world now. People watching with bated breath and actually egging someone to take his own life? i'm terribly disturbed by this news, the very fabric of civilization is under stress here. People getting perverse pleasure out of acts of extreme violence, and then forgetting about them when the next violent act appears. True, that violence and crime are nothing new and have happened for all eternity, and will continue to do so. But in a war (earlier) the people who saw the horrors had no option but to be aghast as they were in the midst of the danger- the incidents affected them to the very core of their souls and numerous amongst them were scarred for life by witnessing such tragedy. But now, sitting in the comfort and safety of their homes, people have the option of switching on a medium (TV, internet) and witnessing extreme horror with nonchalant ease while their popcorn or microwave dinner is cooked. And switching to Friends as they make themselves comfortable in their couches.

Are we becoming the generation that is "cool" and non-affected by gore and violence. I'm afraid not, we're the generation that is beginning to enjoy violence and slaughter...

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