Monday, April 2, 2007

Three things that made my weekend...

A really great weekend, the kind of weekend that whizzes past and before you know it, your ass is back in that 'ergonomically' designed office chair staring in zombie-like fashion at the laptop screen - with a wry smile on your face as you try to recollect all the things you did over the weekend. (Friday evening is a bit hazy {and seems like a million years ago, somehow}, as expected) [My standard line being- if you can remember what happened , then that was 250 bucks down the drain :) ]
Ok, I won't have a ranting raving post about the weekend, you've already had enough of them (Cheers rent the air, thank God you finally got it Swapnil, we positively hate those posts-- WELL boo hoo..I will continue to write those posts, what I did on my weekend is a matter of great interest and importance to hordes of my readers..yes I'm talking about you two loyal readers, even you don't read them? WHAT? c'mon I know you love those posts; you better start loving them now, I'm watching you ... )

Ok where was I,oh yeah, weekend, right?
Well three things of note happened over the weekend and I list them down here:

1. Met up with a bunch of old friends from school :). Just as more and more people from college are leaving Bangalore (Have you noticed that they've started leaving since you got here- SO?? What are you insinuating?..its just coincidence..pure coincidence - no they aren't running away when they see me- NO she wasn't running away on seeing me, she was just taking a brisk jog - very health conscious she is! ) these 'new' friends are dropping in. Would be great to catch up from time to time. These are people who've seen me in my formative years (Before I became the awesome guy that I am :)...{Oh why couldn't they have strangled you when they had a chance...hmmpff... you're just jealous of my awesomeness. So there)
Anyway, it was good fun to talk about those days, remember things- the jokes, the pains, the teachers, the scandals :D

2. Went to the driving ranges again on Sunday. My swing is getting better as my drives are going a lot straighter and flatter than before. I am beginning to understand what works best for me and am getting a smoother swing. However, I still need to play a lot more to get some consistency. And its still probably a million years before I can actually step foot on the actual Golf course ( hushed silence, the fool actually thinks he can ever get on the golf course!)
3. Got this book called "The Great Indian Novel" by Shashi Tharoor. Its awesome, Its so good I'm looking forward to going home and curling up with it as soon as the work day gets over. I had earlier read a blog with a similar concept and writing style sometime back (basically this novel juxtaposes the Mahabharat (Don't you just hate people who call them Mahabharata and Ramayana? Guys, you KNOW hindi- use that knowledge- its MahabharaT and RamayaN) with the struggle for independence with various chartacters from the epic novel.) { Incidentally the name of the book is not derived from any implications of greatness from the author, but rather from Maha-Great Bharat- India(n)}. The blog is (hope the author doesn't mind me putting the link, then again s/he won't even be aware that I exist- so its ok)

Till later, cheerios my loyal readers!

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