Friday, April 6, 2007

Home (or rather Delhi) beckons...

This time next week I'll be in Delhi. YAY!.

Love the city. I was born in Delhi and and have spent all life in that beautiful city (except the last 1 1/2 years). Going to Delhi gives a sense of intoxication from the day you search for the elusive cheap flight ticket (yes, I crawl on all the discounted airfare sites, yes, I have no taste and class, yes, i'd rather not have bland, disgusting airline food if it means shelling out a couple of thousand less...SO??) to the final day before you're leaving bluddy Bangalore. The tempo rises further for a couple of days more... and then I start shirking from the fact that i'll be leaving the city in another 5 days. And the countdown begins with me getting more and more grumpy and moody as the dreaded day of departure descends (nice alliteration, na? ).

Anyway, right now i'm in that honeymoon period of the week before my vacation and I can barely keep my ass on my seat. I'm so high, and really, office work is looking so redundant and boring (wait, thats what I always feel...nah have been a few work days in the past year which were interesting). I'm bubbling with excitment and I'm looking forward to driving on the WIIIDDEE open roads (after Bangalore streets, those are heavenly), lolling around the house as my mom pampers me, meeting up with the myriad friends I have there. Apart from these, the reason why i'm going there is also there. The weddings of L and SP (er..separately, with different women..jeez man, do I have to spell everything out?). L is getting married on friday and SP next saturday. It was really nice getting a call from L inviting me to his wedding. We really haven't been in touch too much, mostly through A and Sardar, and it was really great to see that he invited me too :).

SP and AD, of course I know them both quite well, and don't really need an invitation to attend THEIR wedding :). Its great to see a long relationship culminating in the ultimate commitment (though why would anyone want to marry SP, even after knowing him, I cannot decipher :) ). This is one wedding thats happening for all the right reasons. Their wedding invite is quite brilliant and has been designed by a friend of AD who is either a)a korean b)was in LSR with her and is in Korea now c) is a korean staying in India (ok, so I wasn't listening when SP was telling shoot me!), the invite has an excellent play of words and some very modernish calligraphy, very interesting invite. Am also really looking forward to taking SPs case when he's looking like a dork, posing for photographs on that small makeshift stage they have at receptions ( * Wicked grin, rubbing hands in anticipation * )

I have grand plans for the weekend also. And can't wait to get started on all the fun and frolic (does that by any chance if yes, pls ignore). My senior from college, A, his wife has left for Delhi and he is free over the weekend. AND he has deigned to join us for the FULL DURATION OF THE WEEKEND. So this evening RB and I are going to his place, picking up his new car, and getting him down to my house. And then the fun begins...(do I really need to spell out whats going to happen?....lets just say that 3-4 of us have planned to wake up on sunday afternoon with a throbbing headache, look around blinking in the afternoon sun and try to remember what day it is! :) ) Oh, and then of course we go for golf on Sunday. This should turn out to be another great weekend!

Cheerios kids, have a rollicking weekend...and if I don't blog for a couple of days, just send me some aspirin!

PS. the "though why would anyone want to marry SP, even after knowing him, I cannot decipher :)" jibe was only there because I know SP reads my blog :)...its not true..he's a great guy..(really..i'm serious..why the hell are you clutching your stomach and rolling on the floor??!!)

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