Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Hmm, So regular readers of this blog (that would be me, my roomie, and the stray dog I sometimes feed my two- day old pizza to) would be aware that I am currently NOT in Bangalore. I reached Delhi (Have you seen Delhi from the air nowadays? At night?... i'm not kidding, my heart actually skipped a beat as I stared down at the beautifully laid out and brilliantly lit capital of the country. All the years we spent dodging traffic jams and literally melting in the sweltering May-June heat were worth it. Delhi's infrastructure is really looking up and the broad, well lit roads; the awesome Metro, and the all around efforts to improve the city are indeed commendable) on Thursday evening last. A brief shower in Bangalore kept my plane on the tarmac for an hour, but eventually we took off and reached the city of my heart at around 1 at night.
Since then its been a whirlwind of busy evenings and idyllic summer-vacation-ish afternoons. I can be as busy as I want when i'm in Delhi.There are so many people to meet, catch up with, old places to visit (DCE). But sometimes it seems that my parents get slightly psyched that I come, dump my stuff and am off to meet friends. Also my sis came over with my adorable one and a half year old niece. So I've been spending some time at home. (ok,ok so I was out till 1 am on Friday, all night on Saturday and till 10 yesterday, SO? I was home on Sunday, wasn't I...pfft..YOU shut up)
Am seriously too tired to recount what all I did on these night outs, lets just say that I managed to make myself look like a fool with people I was meeting for the first time without anyone helping :)

Chalo, details shall come in later, maybe when the vacation is over.

PS: SP and AD got engaged on Saturday, and the party was quite interesting with many different people - finally a party without all engineers and mbas...a graphic designer, a couple of people in NGOs, a History M.Phil, a radio correspondent ...hmm interesting people...and..em..great party except I managed to look like a fool ..but anyway, thats what parties are for, right? ..RIGHT?)

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