Sunday, April 19, 2009

No, not a xyz 'moment of success'...

I've been watching the IPL matches and the most freakin' irritating thing is when some random incident happens - someone takes a catch, hits a six or even scratches his head - the over excited commentator goes "oh, that looks like a Citi moment of success!".

Aaarghh I could scream. Just let us watch the game will you? Every time the commentator screams out some commercial punchline that they're been brainwashed into spewing (or contractually obliged to) my jaw spontaneously clenches and my teeth grit against each other.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Its a Dog's World...

In the history of bizzare incidents, this one will rank amongst the top few, maybe even the top one itself.

But I must warn you, this tale is tragic and can even make you lose your mind and do things that the SPCA may not approve too much. Or at all. Or throw you in the jail for.

So gather around kids and bring your hot chocolate and marshmallows. This could be a long tale going long into the night...

It all started late last evening when I came back near my place. Feeling adventurous, I decided to buck the trend, go against the tide, do something radical! So I parked my car at a spot different from my usual spot! (yeah, yeah - I don't have a very exciting life. So sue me! Atleast I try). So basking in the thrill of the new parking spot I strutted up to my house, had dinner, read a bit and then slept off. Little did I know of the heart wrenching events unfolding a few metres below my balcony...

The poor unsuspecting me woke up with a smile on my face. and went about my morning till finally I managed to pull myself away from the house and walked towards my angelic car.

As I walked towards it something didn't quite seem right. What was it, I wondered?

Was the car looking lopsided? Maybe a puncture - no
Was there a broken window? - no
Was the sunlight streaming down at it at a weird angle making the car look strange? - no

I got it - the majestic radio antenna that arches off the centre of the roof wasn't looking its usual sprightly self. It looked, whats the term, chewed through and broken.

My step quickened, who had instituted this carnage, this mindless mayhem, this ravenous arson on my poor, helpless car? Oh, who is responsible for this devilish act?

Wait, what's that on the bonnet?

what, no it can't be?

Paw marks!!!

On my bonnet..this gets murkier by the minute - the Hounds of Koramangla, is it Watson?

OK, I can keep it in no longer without bursting into tears.

That part of my building compound is inhabited by dogs that prefer to climb on top of parked cars and lovingly curl up on it to sleep for the night. And for good measure they also chew on rogue antennas that dare to protrude in their royal beds.

Long story short, this dog chewed through my car's antenna, made some micro scratches on the roof and then sprayed its filthy hair all over the car just 'for luck'.

And the weird thing is, I'm getting better radio reception after the incident!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Weird Find...

Very strange!

I came across this link :

Apparently I have been quoted in this paper! This was in the period when I was working with the company, and yeah we were doing something around green technologies (EcoEye) but I had no clue that I was quoted in some paper from Wharton. I think I did answer a big ass email questionnaire from Knowledge@Wharton that was sent to Wipro.

But this is so cool - even though the quote itself is quite lame :)

More importantly I've also been translated in Portugese from this paper.

Global fame, here I come!!

Added later - after running a google search on my name (who knows I may have been quoted somewhere else too!)

Why is my name on this website?

I have no relation to this B-school or website. And it sort of implies that I am an alumni of this B-school, which I'm not. And the email id is wrong too. If its some other Swapnil Bhatnagar then I apologize for bringing this up, but it seems unlikely.

Weird discoveries...