Monday, April 6, 2009

Weird Find...

Very strange!

I came across this link :

Apparently I have been quoted in this paper! This was in the period when I was working with the company, and yeah we were doing something around green technologies (EcoEye) but I had no clue that I was quoted in some paper from Wharton. I think I did answer a big ass email questionnaire from Knowledge@Wharton that was sent to Wipro.

But this is so cool - even though the quote itself is quite lame :)

More importantly I've also been translated in Portugese from this paper.

Global fame, here I come!!

Added later - after running a google search on my name (who knows I may have been quoted somewhere else too!)

Why is my name on this website?

I have no relation to this B-school or website. And it sort of implies that I am an alumni of this B-school, which I'm not. And the email id is wrong too. If its some other Swapnil Bhatnagar then I apologize for bringing this up, but it seems unlikely.

Weird discoveries...

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