Monday, September 8, 2014

Internet ke Angoor

The internet, is a wonderful thing.

Where else would you be able to find a source of distraction to distract you from a source of distraction when you should be studying/working? Where else will you get the inside track on which cat videos are popular with Gen-Now? Where else will you get to peep into other peoples' lives without the least threat of having the window banged on your nose?

But there are some problems that come with the internet too. Especially when you have two rather weak minds.

Let me explain.

So AV had mentioned many times that Udaan was a very interesting movie. So we were watching it one evening (from where else, the internet) after dinner. Now it's a good movie, and even though I wasn't too convinced by the ending, I get that it is an unusual topic, has a good script, good performances.

But the problem was not the movie.

Small spoiler ahead

The movie starts with a bunch of school kids from a boarding school stealing out of their dormitories and going to watch a late night movie. You know, a 'that kind of' movie. Pretty commonplace, right? Something that Ruskin Bond may have written, eh?

Unfortunately the name of the movie they went out to watch was 'Kanti Shah ke Angoor', from the legendary film maker of Gunda (post). Now with a name like that, and some scenes that were shown in Udaan, it was almost a foregone conclusion that the two weak minded individuals in question (AV and yours truly) would be enthralled by this name.

Now in ancient times (pre-internet) this enthrallment would have been just that, a weak entrallment that wouldn't have led to any action. But in this era (post-internet) it led to something that I will continue to remain ashamed of.

We watched it - Kanti Shah ke Angoor - On Youtube - Till 3 in the morning.

(hides his face)

And the next person asking me for a link to the movie on youtube will get a tight slap. At least put in the effort of searching for the movie!

PS: I just read that the lead "actress" in Kanti Shah's 'Uss tarah ki pictures' is his wife! Sometimes, I am just amazed at the power of commerce.