Monday, December 28, 2009

J'taime Amelie...

Saw Amelie ( , ) a while back on TV.

I know, I know - a bit late considering that the movie came out and made waves in 2001. But somehow, mysteriously, I always associated the movie with Run Lola, Run. Don't ask me why, but I don't have any desire to watch that movie. And by sheer association I never got down to watching this one.

Right, anyway. I loved Amelie! There is an inherent sweetness in the movie which is just right. It's not sappy and it's not sallow - just perfect. I can't put a finger to it nor can I remember any one scene that was really really good but somehow all the pieces came together and I got up after watching the movie with a nice smile on my face and a warm glow in my heart.

There isn't much more I can say about the movie but the simplicity of the main protagonist and the finely etched characters surrounding and affecting her life in subtle ways. The sweetness of the girl covers her childish naughtiness which covers her shyness - a beautiful character.

Ok, ok I'm just gushing now. Can't blame me though, it's been a while since I've seen a movie from start to finish on TV (I even stayed through some of the intervening advertising breaks to make sure I didn't miss the movie).

If you haven't yet, go watch it

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Limitations of Lazing...

Most people I know have been hyper about their Christmas and New Year eve plans for a while. I've seen people with dreary eyes, dark hollows beneath their eyes running their fingers with a nervous twitch through their already frazzled hair murmuring "where do I go, where do I drink" in low yet persistent undertones since the beginning of November.

Staying in Bangalore, Christmas has suddenly become a very important milestone in the year. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the fat man in the red suit as much as the next guy but since my MSM days Christmas has never really been a great festival to be celebrated boisterously. But in the heart of IT country where all clients in the US and Europe go on vacation in this period, this festival is once again a joyous occasion for finishing off your non-carry-forward-able vacation time and put up your feet. But if you happen to be in town then there are a lot of cash-depriving stresses involved. Everyone you know seems to be willing to spend atrocious amounts of money just to be out somewhere partying, and then running helter skelter when they realise that the cops have spent the twelve months since last Christmas stocking up on those breathalysers that can discern the subtle whiff of that mild Vodka that you took 'for the road'.

Now I usually stay clear of these parties in hotels but have always managed to be at some or the other house party celebrating in the occasion. In fact I've also hosted some pretty interesting Christmas parties. Videos from such parties exist, but have safely been forgotten till a time comes when one of those who attended hits the big time and I can retire on the blackmail money alone. I am referring of course to the awesome Christmas party of 2007 that RB and I organized at Club 108 (our house number was 108). I could tell you more about it but it'll kinda defeat the chances of getting a good blackmail return when the time comes. All I will say is - I know where all of you are, and I'm following your careers with a LOT of interest :)

Anyway, this year a lot of my friends have been away and the long Christmas weekend has gone by way too lazily. Except for a nice Christmas special buffet at the Chancery Pavilion the remaining hours have been spent in the close vicinity of my house. In fact I can recall the number of times I've gone out of the house to 4.

And that's quite sad.

Though it has it's good points.

The weather has been very nice. Just that perfect bite in the air that needs a mild blanket to make you snuggle in for hours and hours. And that's what I've been doing - brilliant afternoon naps which transcend the universally accepted definition of 'nap' through sheer number of hours alone. Getting up, switching on the bedside table lamp, reading one of my two light books for the weekend, gently reaching that somnambulant state again when all you can manage is to turn off the light and slide away for another couple of hours. Ah Bliss.

But the human mind is such a strange object. Two days ago this seemed like a perfect state of affairs but today after my last afternoon nap i'm actually feeling a bit sad about this weekend. Completely bored by the lack of human interaction.

Yes, I will get up now, go out the door, meet people, see the world, enjoy myself...

Or, you know, if I can reach that switch again I could slip away for another couple of hours...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

32 going on 31...

It is with profound distress that I have to inform the concerned reader of this blog that your favourite blogger's sheer awesomeness is going to be reduced by a bit in a few days. It would still be startlingly bright, but the discerning observer will be able to see a little drop especially towards the right of my skull.

Well enough of these riddles, I shall hold in my plight no more. Harden your souls cause this is a scary story.

As most people knowing me would vouch for, I need all the wisdom that I can manage to get. I have bumbled through years without the benefit of a lot of intelligence and as a result when my wisdom tooth finally started breaking through I heaved a sigh of relief. Atleast now I shall finally figure out what goes to the credit side and what goes to the debit side of a balance sheet. Yes it was a bit painful but if I could finally go beyond a 'C' in my finance papers, the pain would be worth it.

Alas, I waited for financial knowledge to dawn with every eruption of wisdom tooth, but that never came. I resigned myself to my fate after I finally got my last wisdom tooth thereby completing my set of 32 teeth without any effect on my IQ.

Ah well, no harm done was what I thought.

How wrong was I!

apparently the last wisdom tooth decided to go for uniqueness rather than following the other 31.

"I have my own identity and though these 31 morons have grown up straight and stand glowing in pride in a straight line, I will break the norm. Yes, I will grow at an acute angle so that I push into the last tooth in line"

And that's what it's gone and done. My right most lower wisdom tooth grew at an angle pushing into the adjoining tooth and created a perfect atmosphere for a cavity to set in. And after two nights of excruciating pain (seriously i've never had a toothache before and IT SUCKS!)that went just beyond the tooth to the jaw, the ear, the temple even I finally got an X-Ray done and have been advised a root canal treatment on the adjoining tooth and an extraction for the rogue wisdom tooth.

I'm not sure when these things will be done but my pearly whites will be down by one in the near future. And I'll be glad if this can happen with minimal pain.

Wish me luck...gulp