Monday, December 28, 2009

J'taime Amelie...

Saw Amelie ( , ) a while back on TV.

I know, I know - a bit late considering that the movie came out and made waves in 2001. But somehow, mysteriously, I always associated the movie with Run Lola, Run. Don't ask me why, but I don't have any desire to watch that movie. And by sheer association I never got down to watching this one.

Right, anyway. I loved Amelie! There is an inherent sweetness in the movie which is just right. It's not sappy and it's not sallow - just perfect. I can't put a finger to it nor can I remember any one scene that was really really good but somehow all the pieces came together and I got up after watching the movie with a nice smile on my face and a warm glow in my heart.

There isn't much more I can say about the movie but the simplicity of the main protagonist and the finely etched characters surrounding and affecting her life in subtle ways. The sweetness of the girl covers her childish naughtiness which covers her shyness - a beautiful character.

Ok, ok I'm just gushing now. Can't blame me though, it's been a while since I've seen a movie from start to finish on TV (I even stayed through some of the intervening advertising breaks to make sure I didn't miss the movie).

If you haven't yet, go watch it

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