Saturday, December 12, 2009

32 going on 31...

It is with profound distress that I have to inform the concerned reader of this blog that your favourite blogger's sheer awesomeness is going to be reduced by a bit in a few days. It would still be startlingly bright, but the discerning observer will be able to see a little drop especially towards the right of my skull.

Well enough of these riddles, I shall hold in my plight no more. Harden your souls cause this is a scary story.

As most people knowing me would vouch for, I need all the wisdom that I can manage to get. I have bumbled through years without the benefit of a lot of intelligence and as a result when my wisdom tooth finally started breaking through I heaved a sigh of relief. Atleast now I shall finally figure out what goes to the credit side and what goes to the debit side of a balance sheet. Yes it was a bit painful but if I could finally go beyond a 'C' in my finance papers, the pain would be worth it.

Alas, I waited for financial knowledge to dawn with every eruption of wisdom tooth, but that never came. I resigned myself to my fate after I finally got my last wisdom tooth thereby completing my set of 32 teeth without any effect on my IQ.

Ah well, no harm done was what I thought.

How wrong was I!

apparently the last wisdom tooth decided to go for uniqueness rather than following the other 31.

"I have my own identity and though these 31 morons have grown up straight and stand glowing in pride in a straight line, I will break the norm. Yes, I will grow at an acute angle so that I push into the last tooth in line"

And that's what it's gone and done. My right most lower wisdom tooth grew at an angle pushing into the adjoining tooth and created a perfect atmosphere for a cavity to set in. And after two nights of excruciating pain (seriously i've never had a toothache before and IT SUCKS!)that went just beyond the tooth to the jaw, the ear, the temple even I finally got an X-Ray done and have been advised a root canal treatment on the adjoining tooth and an extraction for the rogue wisdom tooth.

I'm not sure when these things will be done but my pearly whites will be down by one in the near future. And I'll be glad if this can happen with minimal pain.

Wish me luck...gulp


Padmaja Nagarur said...

he he he! could not stop laughing reading your post! Btw I don't intend to make it worse.....I did go through a root canal treatment myself and boy oh doesn't hurt a bit..'cause they're made to feel numb - anesthesia helps just when you wants! Cheers! :-)

Swapnil said...

Padmaja: Any dentist you recommend?

Ritwik Bisaria said...

sometimes I feel that I should have had studied with you (in school too) to understand your blogs!!
but then, I realize that it is just a Dentist's tail.
marry a dentist and then you dont need to write anymore on such topics!!

Swapnil said...

Ritwik: sigh..Dentist's "TALE"...kya hoga tera!