Monday, July 20, 2015

An ode to Elderman

In the recent past, respecting elders has been coming more naturally to me than ever before. It’s not that I have become a nicer person, or that there has been an eye-opening incident that has driven forth the value of age and experience.

(Also, considering the number of kids beginning to call me ‘uncle’ with confidence, I guess I am probably becoming one of the ‘elders’ to be respected. Of course, as soon as they call me uncle I do react in a typically not-so-elder way. Tennis balls have been confiscated, and pleas to throw back the footballs inside the field have fallen on deaf ears if the aforementioned plea is preceded or succeeded by the dreaded ‘uncle’)

But I digress. The key thing I want to write about an angel on earth. After all who is an angel? A person who helps you understand the world around you with a beatific smile on their face, helps clear all doubts from your mind while bestowing clarity and joy.

Yes, going by that definition, he is definitely an angel sent on this earth to spread joy and clarity.

Especially as TV series are coming up with more and more complicated names and phrases – Daenerys Targaryen and Valar Morghulis?

How is one to understand as these phrases are bandied about in TV series. Much like listening to metal songs where everyone you know understands that particular verse differently, and more importantly, finds that the phrase really resonates with their own life!

But having brilliant subtitles to TV shows makes life so much easier. Easier to follow, better to understand and to act superior to others watching these shows without subtitles and obviously wallowing with random interpretations.

What a man! He is one of the most prolific providers of subtitles for all leading shows and has been instrumental in really enjoying so many many shows!

God bless him, and may he continue on this mission of spreading clarity and joy across the world!