Saturday, February 12, 2011

For Heavens sake! Enough with Sheila and Munni already!

Who would’ve thought that too much of a good thing would ever be bad!

Now, the first time I saw the oh-so-hot Katrina Kaif gyrate in that cute-yet-sexy way to the lilting music of Sheila ki Jawani, I could’ve sworn that this would never go stale. I thought that I could be in deep deep sleep after a tiring day, but if someone woke me up and showed this song I would get a smile on my face instead of being grumpy.

Again, watching the yummy mummy Malaika Arora Khan sway to the beat of ‘Munni badnaam hui’ I swore that this song would never leave my ‘Last Played’ list…ever.
But alas, these things are not meant to be. The profusion of these two songs has become so intense that they seem like someone raking his nails on a blackboard.
Let me tell you what brought about this rant.

Last to last week H and RG got married. And last weekend they gave a reception on a beautiful beach in Mangalore (H’s hometown). So S, R and I drove down to Mangalore.

With me till now? Ok, great.

So we had 2 pen drives full of all kinds of music. Rock, metal, Bollywood, a category we call Cheap-Hindi (you can imagine the kind of songs in this one. Let’s just say if an alien was to listen to this category he’d think that Govinda is still the biggest thing in hindi music. If he were to watch the corresponding videos, the galaxy would be full of weird shaped aliens spending their lives perfecting the pelvic thrust dance move!). However, there was a small problem. It seemed that every alternate song was either Sheila or Munni.

Bangalore to Mangalore is a long 10 hour drive (the roads are terrible). The first two-three hours or so saw us cheer each time either of the two songs came up. People outside the car gave us strange looks to us as all three of us tried to showcase our personal versions of the song’s choreography while cramped in the car. Over the next few hours our enthusiasm for the songs went down a little. I attributed to our snail’s pace on thehorrible Ghat roads.

“Munni and Sheila could not let us down, no sireee. It’s just the road”, I said to myself.

And then we reached. And we had the most beautiful cottage right on the beach. It was simply beautiful. Great setting for the reception. And the good thing was that we were actually staying on the beach. Exquisite.

After a relaxing day the next day we went for the reception to be greeted by the DJ playing, you guessed it, Sheila! We danced and all to the song (well we had room to move this time). After multiple encores of the song (and a particularly vicious and transfixing dance on this song by an otherwise cute li’l five year old) the evening came to a close (umm, atleast the DJ)

On the way back to Bangalore we skipped these songs.
And now I am so sick of the songs that I can’t even imagine ever seeing or listening to them ever again. Hmm, maybe if Katrina actually did come down to ask me...