Monday, January 4, 2010

False start 2010...

The new year has started on a really foul note. A conversation I had last evening has been playing incessantly in my head and is actually affecting my whole mood and demeanor. I've been low since last evening and only I know how I've gone through the entire day at work.

Sometimes you don't realize that the air is not as clear as you've lulled yourself into imagining and that there are just too many things floating around. Expectations, priorities, self-illusion, suppressed thoughts - they all come together and really give you a sucker punch in the solar plexus that blows away all the wind in your lungs.

I'm just going to brood if I write anymore. I just wish I could remove the negative thoughts from my mind. It's really affecting me.

Anyway, you guys have a great new year...

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