Saturday, January 16, 2010

Whiff of Winter...

The aircraft pierced through the thick all encompassing fog and lined up with the runway last Thursday. As it undertook a rather smooth equipment assisted landing I braced myself for the horror stories of the cold in Delhi that I'd been hearing for a while (Am on a flying visit to Delhi to catch up with my latest niece - she's very cute, thank you :) ).

Well, spoilt in Bangalore's rather temperate weather the maximum defence against the cold that I could muster up at 4 in the morning after returning from office at 11:30 the previous night was a thin jacket - and I duly zipped up the jacket upto my neck. But nothing prepared me for the sheer wall of cold that struck me as I stepped off the aircraft.

And the thing is - I loved it!

As I saw the steam rising in my breath, so many memories of the winters I spent in Delhi came rushing back. From getting up shivering to catch the early morning school-bus to the late night chai and maggi in college to driving through fog and sleet to the numerous walks taken with the refreshing crisp air rushing into the lungs to reinvigorate you.

I just love the Delhi winters. And food plays a great part in most of the memories associated with this brilliant season. Now I'm not a big tea drinker, in fact my mum still gives me a glass of milk whenever I visit home, but we've had so many expeditions to get chai in the crisp evenings.

And of course the samose and pakode along with the chai as a bunch of you sit hunched up around in multiple jackets and sweaters, not even daring to talk for fear of the cold winds getting a chink in the armour to run their icy fingers in. Is there any better camaraderie?

And then the hot paranthe that I used to get for dinner in the dhabas outside my B-school. Is there any better survival food?

And and, sitting in the thick quilt and munching on peanuts watching TV. Is there any better family bonding?

Now that I've experience the Delhi winters in all it's glory, the temperate Bangalore weather is feeling a bit insipid :(.

Sigh, Delhi winters, brilliant (chattering teeth)


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