Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Back to Bangalore...

Didja miss me? :)
Of course you did! Hundreds and hundreds of emails have dropped into my inbox questioning me, cajoling me, nay, begging me to write on this blog again. Hundreds of people have told me that their miserable pithy little lives have ceased to have any meaning since I've stopped posting on this blog (also they haven't been able to pass time at 'work' without having the option of delving into my intellectual discourses [ramblings, but hey SOMEONE's got to cater to the non-intellectuals too, duh..{no, no, you have to press enter to reach my blog..no, no that button on the right- What are you? an idiot?? [thats my regular reader base, sniff, the poor challenged darlings..sniff] )

Anyway, some explanations are in order at this point in time (my international audience deserve to know why I haven't been as regular as before)

Well I was in New Delhi, my hometown, for a small vacation. And the last thing I want to do there is to switch on my laptop and write/check emails/ watch porn (I'd rather plonk down on my bed, stuff my face with home food and ask Mom to change channels on the TV) .

Delhi, sigh, is awesome. You always return from there with a feeling that another week or so there would've been even better. I've already mentioned the engagement party on the first saturday I was there. I don't want to delve into it much, lets just say, I don't remember most of what happened.
The highlight of the week, undoubtedly, was the time I got to spend with my 1.5 yr old niece J and my ** yrs (that stuff about ladies' ages and gentlemen's salaries) old sister S. S came over for 4 days and it was totally adorable talking to her about everything under the sun and playing with J. I meet J after long intervals, 3-4 months, so I have to re-introduce myself everytime I meet her and win her trust so she lets me play with her. J is a charmer :) Its amazing how a little bundle like her lights up the entire household when she's there. Running around all day with someone or the other in tow. Saying things in that oh-so-cute way (Note to self: Stop sounding like a gushing aunt) , dancing to music on TV and when she smiles and laughs..awesome.
I met up with a lot of old friends from DCE. Primarily because of SP's wedding. The turnout was surprisingly large and I met a number of juniors after almost 3 years. Its really cool to see how everyone has changed, the things they're involved in now and the paths they have chosen for themselves. Got some 4th year guys too, and had a ball ribbing (ragging?) them. Great to see that the sense of humour and the ability to laugh at oneself is still being cultivated in the great DCE (and the mental agility to make the best of any situation, one of the juniors was actually taking a diet coke can home- redefining "one for the road" [snigger]) .
Met I from IIFT also. Long time since I last spoke to her (Note to self: Try staying in touch with people from different phases of your life)

Also, saw this awesome movie called bheja fry, really funny, seriously.

What else, what else - Couldn't meet a few people that I wanted to, and a couple are pissed because of that. Loved driving on the beautiful roads in Delhi. Re-met some of the first saturday night revellers and had a laugh about it. Learnt a few new things about different careers than just engineering and mbas...hmm all-in-all a great time :)

And now I'm back in bluddy bangalore :(

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