Saturday, April 28, 2007

House Hunting Hell...

So, got a call from Mumbai yesterday morning. One of those regular "sir, myself Meetha from XXX bank. Would you like to take a lifetime free credit card..." calls I thought - I love such calls. When in the mood, I question and I probe until finally the poor girl breaks down as she can't find any of the answers anywhere on her script ( I know its slightly cruel, especially as I have no intention of getting a credit card, but she was the one who asked for it by bugging me in the morning, dammit! )
Anyway, turns out it isn't that harmless a call. It was my landlord from Mumbai. Apparently he's had quite enough of Mumbai, has decided to quit his job, come back to Bangalore and start a company of his own. Great, best of luck, pud-id-there-pardner - I was about to say , but then it hit me, "why's he telling me this?" , "what could be his hidden motive (agenda as politicians put it)?" - he's been an excellent landlord, never interefering, always amenable, but we've never been on such terms that we discuss our professional lives. And then he said it. He wants to move back to his house, and that means we'll have to vacate the house by the end of May. :(

So its back to the drawing board for us. Being two bachelors hunting for a house to rent is the worst creature you can ever be, trust me. The kind of yellow, green, purple houses PS and I saw in the last house hunt makes me shudder to the core of my soul (can I say "core of my ore", thanks, I will- makes sense also as 'ore' is the soul of metal...I LIKE 'core of my ore', dammit, and I'll use it if I feel like it...this is MY blog, you're just tenants, oops readers) about going through the whole thing again. Also, being bachelors means we're degenerate, alcoholic, womanisers, dirty, noisy, boisterous in the landlords' eyes (we ARE all that, but don't label us man!). So we have to "prove" our nice-ness (whats the english word for "sharafat" ?) to our potential landlords, the owners of pathetic hovels with unimaginable colour schemes and disgusting layouts. And THATS just so demeaning. Why should I have to 'prove' anything? If stay in your disgusting house- i'm doing you a favour dammit! But then, such are the ways of the world (and the imbalance in the supply-demand equation here) that we have no alternative.

Sniff..back to getting house leads.

Does anyone know of a nice, cheap 2 bedroom apartment in the Silkboard area in Bangalore?...bawl...

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