Thursday, March 22, 2007

A day out, or why they call me swapnil 'norman'...

This post has been in my system (not my laptop, my head) for the past four days. But somehow I've been too busy to get this down (long story, boss away, work coming down on my ever-responsibility-evading-head-etc) - till now.

Last weekend was a three day weekend and I was in Bangalore itself, for a change. As expected the weekend was strolling around at that leisurely (boring?) pace that all long weekends stroll on when you don't visit any place (I have a theory- the guys who decided that we should have 2 day weekends must've really researched the hell out before deciding. One day is too short, 3 days gets just a bit boring if you're not travelling...two days is juusstt right!)

Anyway, got up on sunday and thought that this'd go exactly as saturday..lolling around all day, going out for dinner etc. BUT things changed later...:)

A couple of friends and I went to the driving ranges at a golf resort nearby. This was the first time I was playing golf and was suitably excited (well i was just driving the ball, not actually playing - but what the hell!)
It was ok ,with all our posturing and trying to look as if we knew what we were doing :). However, the moment of truth arrived. If you've played cricket, while batting sometimes you get bogged down , unable to play strokes, difficult to get the ball through gaps or even in getting singles- and then there's that moment when the ball hits the sweet spot on the bat and races away through the covers...THAT changes everything :) the world becomes a better place, everything just brightens up a bit. Thats what happened on that day on the driving range... after loads of shoddy shots and slices, that ONE clean smooth shot happened, perfect swing and the ball just flew and flew and sailed and sailed...dropped beautifully near the 100 metre mark ( ok, ok I was playing for the first time, what d'you expect bluddy 300 metres?)(also and also..I was using an 8 iron, not a there, 100 metres is perfectly respectable..ya ya so the frail old ladies were going over 150 what is your point exactly? ...YOU shut up)

Anyway, in that one moment one realises why people love this sport, playing in sweltering heat (my family and I used to laugh when we drove past the dhaula kuan golf course and saw people playing with the mercury hitting 44 degrees...celcius!)

Another funny thing was that after some time I wasn't getting any good shots and was getting quite irritated. Then T and I decided to have a can of beer while R was right in his groove- hitting the ball cleanly and dead straight. After the beer every shot I took was just out of the golf 'how-to-play' handbook...while poor R started playing so badly that he actually hit two balls, in a row, that skidded and sliced into the paths of the other players there- a forward push of...hold your breath...2 yards :)

hehe, and thats the way the cookie crumbles..cya soon my loyal readers :)

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