Friday, March 23, 2007

A great evening and subsequent thoughts...

D was/is in Bangalore for a couple of days. Met up with her at 13th floor day before yesterday (Have you tried 'Brahmos' over there- excellent, eexxcceelleenntt. R had recommended it and I haven't been abto order anything else over there till now- it simply is the best thing there :) ). Its always fun to catch up with her because we meet/speak extremely infrequently, but conversation still flows along quite smoothly, no awkward silences etc. She has recently joined an investment banking firm in the private equity area. As expected, she's very busy with even weekends disappearing under the persistent waves of work that she endures. Anyway, seems to be enjoying work, so good for her.

Right, so why am I telling you about meeting an old friend? (Big deal, i meet friends all the time, what can you tell me that I don't know about meeting friends? - are these the questions coming in your pretty little head-- Well boo hoo! this is MY blog and I'll write whatever I want to ..dig? )

Right, where was I? Yeah, friends etc. Well theres something that she said that really is triggering this post. She said that most people have regular friends, a bunch in school, another in college, another at work. And thats when I thought, because we choose our friends in this way, all my friends from a particular time in my life will be similar in a number of ways. What about getting friends who are, in her words, 'abnormal'. Thats so true, we lose a number of very interesting and stimulating interactions because our social circles are extremely restrictive (take school friends for example- the fact that they've studied in a school implies a few things- similar financial condition, similar upbringing in terms of education, similar expectations from parents etc.)
When I meet people from other schools, education backgrounds, its extremely uplifting and refreshing to see that the world is not just a simple plain full of engineers with mbas hunkering after money and business politics. Its just great to meet people who have a totally different take on life, who are inspired and are passionate about other things- things that you've never given much thought to, but are very significant.

I'd love to say that after thinking all these things I'll make a vow to meet people from different walks of life and to increase my friend "variety" more, but I don't know whether this is something I can do...I DO classify my friends in school, college, mba, work categories in my cell phone- hmmm, this'll take a lot of changing in my outlook :)

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