Monday, March 5, 2007

Trip to Kabini Cicada jungle resorts

I got back from a 'team-building' trip to a nearby (5 hours) resort on the banks of the Kabini, a tributary to river Cauvery, last week. We (the strategic marketing team) stayed for 2 nights and 2 days plus travel time.
We started off last Monday, 26th Feb'07 and returned on the 28th.

Ok, facts over, now lets get to the trip itself...

The resort is one that promotes eco-tourism wherein the high points of entertainment are activities which would've been a naturalist's delight.( A jungle safari, by jeep or boat through the Bandipur National sanctuary which is populated by a number of different types of animals- from miniscule birds to towering pachyderms; from mischievous monkeys to stately tigers; from boring boars (did you see the pun, bor..boar.., get it? :))to ...well cute Cicadas (Cicadas are actually small insects that make noise- don't ask me why they named a damn good resort after some creepy-crawly...sheesh this rich resort-owner type dudes are weird).

The trip itself was ..em..quite predictable. We went on a boat safari, someone became the butt of jokes and was ribbed to distraction, people drank a lot, danced a bit, some time in/around the pool and the customary team building games(?)- this time using the theme of theatre.

Anyway the point of this meaningless post is that went on a trip, which i'd probably like to repeat sometime in a smaller, more intimate group...hmm..yeah this has been a tame ending- not one of my better efforts...

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pawankalyan said...

Glad to know that Dear.....hope you had a great holiday at bandipur resorts .... if you have any special experience of on KGudi Resort or B R Hills to share with us , that would be nice and helpful to others :)