Sunday, March 25, 2007

A loaded weekend...

Had a great weekend!

After the disaster of Friday evening (match..:(), the weekend certainly looked up a lot. First I had the most awesome nap on saturday afternoon. Ok, ok that hardly constitutes a 'great' time, you say? Well this was that all encompassing, head to toe kind of nap in which you just knock off to a dreamless world and after 2-3 hours of being in a completely different zone you awake, softly; with a smile on your face and relaxed feeling all over. Brilliant.
Then, we (RB, R and I) had passes for the Rednex concert in a college festival in the city (Remember 'Cotton Eye Joe'- yeah, Rednex are the one-hit-wonders behind that one. They are a country/ western kinda band Strictly predictable stuff with all their songs having the same musical score (except one softer ballad type number), but it was good fun to be in a college fest concert setting after a long time (I'd gone to the Indian Ocean concert recently, but somehow it didn't have a college atmosphere.

After the concert we decided to drive upto Nandi Hills. This is our next-door-neighbourly-hill station where we used to go quite often, but hadn't visited for quite some time (Also R hadn't ever been there). So we got ourselves some good dinner and then started off towards Nandi Hills at around 12 at night. It was, as usual, a very nice night-time drive, the road is smooth and with light traffic around we covered the 70 odd kilometres in an hour. Well, the resort at the top was closed but we got ourselves a great vantage point which overlooked the lights of Bangalore and was neatly perched between a cove of trees with the stars shining down from a surprisingly clear night sky (It took me straight back to 2002 when we'd visited Dehradun for the surveying camp. The sky was as clear as it was then and we could see the stars spread out like a bunch of diamonds scattered carelessly on a midnight blue bedspread). And then the conversation started. Three people from DCE, cool breeze, late at night- a million reminiscences of our days in that beautiful college flowed as we discussed everything from that hallowed era. It is just so much fun to talk about those days where we had no cares, no thoughts, were totally comfortable and knew what was in store the next day. Where difficult teachers could be bunked without a thought, where late nights were a norm, where friendship ruled supreme, where joys and sorrows were shared (and laughed at :))..(ok, ok i'm gushing now...)
We returned at 4 in the morning, time well spent.

On sunday, we went to play golf again (er..driving range. Had a great time and have understood the tick that golfers get about playing again and again. Its still Sunday evening- lets see if this weekend still has some more to offer :)

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