Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Its been a while...

Well I've been away for quite a while now- more than 7 days- whew- I hope this is just an exception rather than a glimpse into how this beautiful blog is going to spiral down to a slow and melancholy ignominious death (its dying by itself so will it be suicide?).

Anyway, lets try to pull this baby up from her sorry deathbed and instill some verve into it (btw spiral down, death, melancholy, deathbed, suicide- all within the space of the first four lines? Don't worry my loyal readers [ thats 21 poeple, no less, whose life will never be the same again {so you thought I wasn't keeping count- well I AM- so there}], I am not suffering from bouts of chronic and clinical depression, infact I'm completely hale and hearty [Infact some mean people will say- too hale { hmmppff..well we'll see who'll be laughing when apocalypse strikes and y'all will be starving to your bones, with loose skin over your emaciated skeletons; while i am relaxing in the shade as my 'extra hale' takes care of my nutritional requirements..hah..then we'll see, losers! I win again!)
[er..apocalypse, starvation, emaciated skeleton- sheesh- I should probably stop this post right here, before I start talking about comas and hanging and guillotines...aww, there I go again]

Stop, before I terminate (?) this post, lets give it something for the family viewership that I have (thats just me, always thinking of other people..sniff..what did you guys do to deserve a guy like me..sniff..wait- don't answer that - No YOU shut up, you...)

Ahem, well, work this week has been going pretty well, i've been keeping pretty busy, i'm learning things I ran away from in my MBA, and generally having a good time.

My roomie and two of his friends are staying at home for sometime, so the world cup (which incidentally started yesterday- btw west indies won!how they beat pakistan, I do not know) is bound to be fun with slanging matches between supporters of opposing teams in the matches.

Also, I'm reading a collection of Somerset Maugham's short stories and 'death of a salesman'.{ All books bought earlier have been read, I guess i need to include a trip to Blossom in my agenda for the weekend}

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