Monday, March 5, 2007

Culinary expertise...a.k.a. experiments

We cooked dinner was a small, compact, basic meal comprising of dal and chawal (rice). We started at 9:30...and finally ate our exquisite cuisine pm! Yeah, one and a half hours straight...

What this accentuates is that you NEED to have the right tools for any activity. Now who would've known that there's such a world of difference between a pressure cooker and a normal vessel. (I've cooked the same meal in half an hour using a cooker- once upon a time!) But it was fun. All three of us put in our combined thoughts/suggestions for cooking this elaborate fare..but eventually allowed S' mom's instructions to lead the way in our experiment. (I'm sure I would've made dinner better..yes i would've - yeah i would've - YOU shut up! ). But eventually it was a really nice homely dinner.

Anyway, another thing I really wanted to talk about was the "virtuous circle" that S is initiating , and I'm trying to piggyback to lead a slightly less degenerate and healthy life. Got up at 5:30 this morning, went for a nice jog, a bit of exercise and lots of fresh air! Invigorating! Oh by the way I came back and had a shower with, hold your breath, cold water- AWESOME!!

Lets hope I can sustain this. With a partner pushing, I think this exercise regimen has a much better chance of succeeding. Amen :)

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