Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Addicted to Heroes...

And I used to laugh at people obsessing over Desperate Housewives and other such addictive serials!

Yes, I’m an addict.

In the last two days I have watched an entire season of Heroes. That means 23 episodes = 23 multiplied by 42 minutes = 16.1 hours of Heroes . in . 27 . hours.

Late last week, I think on Thursday, a colleague at work told me about her complete addiction to House MD ( ) and Heroes ( My ears perked up at the mention of House MD. It’s a very sarcastic, dry, biting humor serial and I love watching it myself, though not to the level of unhealthy obsession. Now this lady was taking House and Heroes name with the same drooling awe. Interesting. I had been told about Heroes by DU as well but it was a long time ago and I had primarily scoffed when she tried to explain to me how a series about people having genetic mutations leading to amazing powers like telekinesis, invulnerability etc could be interesting for full grown adults (Unless of course they're X-Men – who are extremely slick and cool).

So despite such misgivings, I started on the first episode on Sunday evening. I wasn’t feeling too well and thought that I’d watch a bit of it, laugh at what silly things people watch, make fun of the writers of the series and then go to sleep.

Instead, bleary eyed and full of curiousity I gently moved my eyes towards the clock to see the hands pointing to 3 am. I had watched the first episode, second, third…sixth episode straight on the trot and was cursing that the next day is Monday and I need to go to office.

I woke up with a delighted grin in the morning when I realized that my illness had increased over the fitful sleep I had that night (I’ve been told that screams of ‘I can fly!’ ‘Meester Eesaaac!’ ‘ Save the cheerleader, save the world!’ were emanating from my room.) and I was in no position to go to work (On a totally unrelated note – what do you think of fevers that rise in the morning and disappear in 3 hours normally on work days? Are they actually psychologically generated? Totally unrelated to the main post this ,by the way)

So I curled up in bed after adjusting the speakers and the laptop screen for optimum viewing pleasure, and disappeared for 10 hours at a stretch. The only time I’ve ever done anything for 10 hours without a semblance of movement was when I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on the day it was released (Sigh, that was an awesome series and I’m so sad that its over.). Then I got up to get the pizza I’d ordered from the door. Without wasting any time or energy I took the pizza to my bed and settled down again to watch more episodes. The way they end each episode – crazy. You just HAVE to see the next one.

Still I wasn’t able to finish the series on Monday. I mean I’m not in college where I can bunk complete days of classes when I got my hands on an interesting book (Sigh, again those were the days.). I’m a responsible professional who has things to do and objectives to achieve. The commitment and drive towards my work takes me to heights of joy at work everyday.

All day long I was staring at the clock; waiting, waiting for it to show six pm. I was staring at it so hard that I almost did what Hiro Nakamura does in Heroes – bend space time continuum to teleport himself. And FINALLY it was six. I raced back home, drove like a maniac. Brilliant that I am I hadn’t shut down my laptop thus saving 2 valuable minutes before starting on the Heroes spree again.

With a sigh I was able to finish the 23rd and final episode (How to stop an exploding man) before dinner.

Totally excellent series. A must watch. And don’t listen to people who scoff at these powers. I swear I was staring at a pen on my desk and it rolled an inch towards my hand!

Telekinetic I am, YAY!!


bhumika said...

hey, back to your blog after a long time and this one was quite an engaging post, i must say :) yeah, i've heard a lot abt hereos but now i think i ought to watch it.

hope you're feeling better now...

Swapnil said...

Hey Bhumika, nice to see you back here.
AND you must watch Heroes. I'm halfway through the second season as well - all in less than a week :)

Anil P said...


Swapnil said...

Anil: Thanks :)