Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Interested in Everything, Committed to Nothing...

Interested in everything,
Committed to nothing

What a brilliant line. The author of Shantaram ( ), Gregory David Roberts was described this way by one of his former girlfriends. (About the book, read it. Its brilliantly written and very captivating. The fact that its based on a true story makes it that much more real, plausible and affecting)

This is the line that made me put down the book, lean back and think. Would this be the way in which someone would describe me? Is this the way I would, in a moment of pure honesty, describe myself?

Yes. Definitely. Any man can be described this way until there is that one one burning passion that engulfs him. And till now I haven't found it. In any sphere. I'm a good non-sore loser at sports, equinamous in professional life, not too concerned in personal life. All in all no real passion about anything. And without passion there can be no commitment.

And interested in everything - definitely again. Interest and excitement about new things and activities and people but with a very limited time period. One of my closest friends once told me that I get tremendously interested in a person and then without any discernable reason I have the capacity to go totally cold and formal leaving the person completely bewildered at this change. I started noticing this after he pointed it out to me and he's absolutely correct. I keep doing this. Same is with a particular activity.

Thats why its weird that my blog still exists after an year in operation.Is this giving an idea about that burning passion I'm looking around for?


Up above the sky said...

I'm keen to know is'nt it true for most of us??
Someone actually made it a sexist issue stating that guys often like to involve themselves in many things as it makes them divergent thinkers and vice versa, however i don't agree completely with this.
From my experience i can say this kind of attitude leads to a very detatched kind of living... maybe better on grounds of survival but that burning passion exists in each one of us... its just we don't want to see it :)

Swapnil said...

Neha: I don't agree with the sexist issue. However one way to think of is that because women generally have to prove themselves a lot more than men in our society they generally happen to have identified the passion before men.

And I agree and am pained by the detached life I do live right now