Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Of Court Battles...

No, no don't worry, I don't need a lawyer...yet!

The court I refer to is a tennis court (aarrghh what does this guy think he is, Roger Federer. Every second post has an element of tennis. AAARGHH...ok, so you've screamed and ranted - now can i go on with my post? right, thank you)

So anyway since my earlier tennis partner moved to the US I have infected two more people in my office with the tennis virus. Infact they've sort of exceeded me in enthusiasm for the sport with one of them buying a four thousand rupee racquet

(wait NO, its three thousand - or atleast thats what his wife believes. Apparently if he had told her the obscene amount of money he spent on what she believes is a 'passing phase' she would fry him in slow boiling oil. Which brings us to digression one:

Digression 1: Its crazy the way people follow curfews and budgets and no drinking and what not after they're married. I guess I have the advantage right now to laugh and sneer and make fun of this till I succumb. But till then I WILL laugh. Point a finger and laugh :) )

Anyway to cut a long, winding and mostly pointless story short we've started playing in the evening after office as well. Or atleast we play when we can win the only court in the office I go to. And there is this mean devious pair of people from finance department (why am I always at loggerheads with people who know the difference between debit and credit?) who seem to just manage to come minutes before us and occupy the court while, what else?, laughing deviously. These finance people, I tell you, they have no work. Grumble grumble, occupy the court at 5:45 grumble grumble - sack the lot!

Why can't we play doubles with them you ask? Well thats because those guys play really really well. And.they.smirk.when.they.see.us.

I don't mind losing to a better player, but getting sniggered at? No way.

So we finally had our revenge today when we managed to get to the court before them. H and I were at 5-0 in our last set and we were just about to close up for the day when these two guys came in. But we relentlessly stood our ground and kept on playing. We played game after game with their exasperation growing every minute as they ran out of elaborate stretching exercises to do. Finally they had to face the final dishonour - they asked us to play doubles and we refused...and played another couple of games!

Ah, bliss. Small joys that hold my life together and give it that zest.

I shall sleep with a satisfied smile (er..smirk) on my face tonight!

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