Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Season of Farewells...

Its that time of the year again when I write a slightly melancholy post about people leaving Bangalore.

When I was hunting for a job in 2006 one of the criteria I was looking for was to try to move to Bangalore. I had heard so much about the place and the entire area was positively teeming with people I know. At that time PS had been living here and was pushing me to come here so we could become flatmates and then have a great time exploring all the pubs in the city, bike rides to nearby areas (That didn't quite culminate. Except one halfway to Shivasamudram [ I think it was this place, I seem to have forgotten.] Even though this trip was cut short half way - er because we forgot to do any research and realised halfway through that the bloody place was 160 km away and not 80 as we'd thought), house parties at the legendary 294 (AKs house).

I duly came to Bangalore and since then I've done all those things and have had an absolutely great time. Add to it the arrival of RB an year and a half back. Now RB and I were more like acquaintences in DCE but ever since he came here we became pretty good friends. Add to it the fact that he loves to drive and is a teetotaller put him in the league of best friend ever :). We went on a huge number of trips though I don't really remember the first one we went on. But quite a few memorable ones - Chennai-Pondicherry, Goa 1 & 2, Yercaud 1& 2, bheemeshwari etc etc. But this isn't about those trips.

RB is leaving on the 4th for Delhi where he's taking up a new job. So thats the first farewell thats coming up.

I will not make this a sad scrapbook type post because I have been warned against that by one of the few people who reads this blog.

The second is my ex-boss at work. I don't write about my work on this blog but it was really good to work with him. We became pretty good friends, played tennis together and hung out quite a bit. He's going to the US tomorrow morning and though we had a very boisterous farewell party for him I would definitely miss working with him.

So there you are two more people are leaving Bangalore in the near future. And it does make me think a bit.

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