Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What Happens in Goa, Stays in Goa :) ...


So I just got back from a vacation in Goa on Sunday night. So why am I writing this on Tuesday? I got back from GOA! You've got to give me some time to recover!

So first things first, with the sun shining bright and that beautiful red coloured number signifying 1st of May approaching on the calendar we decided that it had been way too long since the last road trip (that would be Yercaud, when Snehashish got voted out on Roadies. [ Yes, we're still obsessed with Roadies. What a show! I tell you, what brilliant twists and turns. Did you see last Saturday's show, the one where Ankita won the bike? - well actually even I didn't see it on Saturday on account of being flat on my back trying to do a fully-clothed Vitruvian man http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitruvian_man on Arambol beach in Goa. But I fear I'm getting ahead of my story...])

So RB,PS and another chap called CI (alias Armani, Indo etc.) found themselves with me in RBs car hurtling on the road to Tumkur on Wednesday evening enroute to the land of sun, sand, cheap liquor and pretty foreigners.

After a stopover at a dinghy with a capital 'D' lodge at Tumkur we continued along the route through Shimoga, Honnaver, Karwar till we finally reached Goa. It was a good drive, nearly 700 km, which RB did in pretty good time. The only issue was that the nice rock anthems cd I had specifically bought for the trip was left behind in my car. So it was back to the same cds that we've been playing through most of my trips in RBs car.

For a change, in fact for the first time on any of our road trips, we had bookings in a resort there. It had a very inviting swimming pool and I decided to give up my aversion to water and enter in. Through cajoling and threats I finally managed to float for the first time in my life. And it was FUN!! We spent a long time in the pool getting rid of the fatigue of a long drive before we became our rakish selves to burn the dancefloors at the nightclubs.

Somehow this plan got shelved (work with me here please. Vast tracts of memory are just empty when I look back and try to recollect. But then again, this is Goa i'm talking about so its understandable) and we found ourselves sitting under the beautiful night sky in a beach shack on Baga beach. We tried some exotic foods but these were generally quite bad. Of course as Chet said - they just don't have food here like in his UK! Of course we made a lot of fun of this coming from someone who's stayed in UK for just 2 years. But he took it in good spirits - but come to think of it anyone buying and then actually wearing an electric blue hawaian shirt like he did would, by definition, have a high threshold for being the butt of jokes (snigger). To compensate for the food debacle we embarked with gusto upon the liquid nourishment available at the shack. Of course these canned elixirs are never bad and we chugged back a few just to get the foul food taste out of our mouths. And of course after that the momentum just built up!

When the sun streamed in through the window in our suite next morning we realised that the first evening in Goa was over. This was also the time when AB, old batchmate from DCE was arriving in Goa from Mumbai. We went to pick him up from the bus stop and it was really great to see him after so many years. Lemme see, i last bumped into him in NITIE when I was staying there for my summer internship project in 2004.

After that an extended pool session was followed by another long beach shack session though we went easy on the liquids. Came to the hotel and just crashed. AB wasn't feeling too well (He'd come all the way to Goa from Mumbai) and all of us just slept.

Saturday is a bit hazy :)

I know we went to Aguada Jail, Fort Aguada and ended up in Arambol beach which was touted to be the only white sand beach in all of Goa.I wouldn't call it white sand but atleast there were no throngs and throngs of people as in Calangute or Baga beach. A nice and enjoyable afternoon. The evening was a whole different ball game. This is where I ended up playing the clothed Vitruvian man that I referred to earlier. I'm not saying anything more here. For those who want details, call me and beg. Maybe I'll tell you all :)

Sunday was the long drive back with the only really notable thing happening that after struggling with a few CDs we finally managed to get a cd which had songs from Tashan which, for some inexplicable reason, I really REALLY wanted to listen to on the drive back. So I was happy :)

A good trip, and probably one of the last ones I go on with RB because he may be moving out of Bangalore soon :(

But maybe we'll go on more trips with our base being closer home. Not in the near future, but maybe in some time :). Hope floats!


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