Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Writer's block 2...

So I open this blogger window and stare at the screen with a glassy stare. Screwing up my eyes I tentatively press a few keys but have to give up with a grimace.


I've suffered from writer's block in my year of blogging before but am still just as far away from the solution as I was then. Do I press a random set of keys to just get over the inertia? Do I open a news website and try to generate opinions about any article? (Incidently I did open www.timesofindia.com and scanned through the site.

Between the Jaipur terror related stories, IPL stories, US election stories and Indian political parties blaming each other for everything under the sun there are a few links to popular articles. So in all these earthshaking headline events which ones have generated the most traffic? "Top sex mishaps revealed!". Yes, this is the most viewed article of the day. And yes, people have also decided that this important article needs to be sent to as many people as possible and so is also the most emailed article of the day. Go figure! [And no I haven't read it. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm also going to read it after I finish this post]), Do I ask around for topics and then try to write witty insightful post?

All this is just way too much effort. There are days when I sit infront of the laptop for 10 minutes and I have a brilliant sparkling witty insightful awesome post (FINE, maybe not all of them together but you're here to read so i'm assuming you like what you see here). Effortless.

And then there are days like today where i'm struggling to find ideas. I contemplated writing about all the night haunts that I go to since college - In Delhi: Greenpark Barista - no money to actually buy anything, Transport nagar - paranthe, Jawaharlal Nehru University - Tefla's cold cofee, Tanku's and Laxman's - paranthe wale infront of IIFT, comesum - desperate with hunger;

In Bangalore: Nandi hills, Royal Orchid midnight buffet.

And then I started thinking that no, it won't be funny enough, people won't read it, would not link to it. Fortunately I snapped out of it. I reminded myself that I write, paint, read for myself. Not to show people (reading comes in because some people read so they can discuss intellectual sounding books. Oh, oh and this reminds me of a guy I knew.

Start digression 1:

{As you all know the coming of the next batch is very high point on a single guys minds in B-school. A new batch means good looking girls who are naive and don't really know what a slacker idiot you actually are. Thus giving you a chance to ensnare them in your web of deceit and date them. Also there are all these late night meetings to integrate the two batches together. Sort of like socials or minor ragging sessions. So the guy I knew used to wake up in the afternoon (slacker - remember?)and start learning songs. Every evening he would shave, take a shower and then go to these socials

Start Sub-digression:

Ironically called Personality Development Program (PDP)- whoever came up with this name must've been an A-grade hypocritical moron. Just call it ragging. Atleast everyone knows where they stand. Incidently these sessions were supposed to 'help' the junior batch deal with the 'fast paced and frentic' lifestyles they were to lead at the Business school. These were supposed to help you learn how to stay up all night and still manage to go to class the next day.

I never slept before sunrise in my entire final semester of engineering. I could probably teach the seniors a thing or two about staying awake at night!).

Stop Sub-digression

He would sing the song he had learnt in the afternoon to serenade any girl who would show the slightest bit of interest. Unfortunately for the sane people in the batch this lame ploy actually worked and since then a number of people could be seen walking around the hostel corridors muttering "Sweet child o'mine o o o ooooo sweet child o'mine..." under their breath! So my point is that people even sing for other people.

Stop Digression 1.

I really empathize with journalists now. What do they do when struck by writer's block with a deadline fast approaching?


raindrops said...

this block seems to be quite engrained now.. kick it !!

mirage.. said...

i can nvr manage to write blogs posts as such...bt i too unfortunately occupy space in this bloggish world bt only wid poetry..drop by smtim