Saturday, April 26, 2008

Of Letters and Games...

Have you ever gone back and re-read your emails?

This morning I was checking emails on a yahoo account that I've had since 2004 and started going through the initial emails on an impulse. It was quite an interesting experience as you can relive important occasions in your life with a detached outlook.

So I re-read emails related to my summer internship at KSA Technopak, the squabbles that used to happen in IIFT, test announcements and the collective groans of the batch in response, emails from people who were important to you at that time but have no bearing at all on your current life, silly jokes that you laughed over,the brandwagon emails, vacations and trips we went on, the parting emails when the batch was dispersing to go home once before embarking on work short a lot of stuff that I'd completely forgotten.

Reading these emails have made me slightly wistful. So I will drop this topic. Just one last thing - try it. Reading ancient emails is interesting sometimes.

On a totally unrelated note I suddenly rememebered that I've been unfair to the legions of my blog's fans. I haven't told you about last weekend. I know, I know, all of you just hang on to every word I write about my weekends to somehow bring some colour to your dreary existence. And I have failed you by not providing the update consistently. Woe betides me...

But I shall compensate for this oversight on my part. You can look forward to a complete, no holds barred account of last weekend. Including the opening ceremony and match of the Indian Premier League that I went and saw last Friday, the awesomely exhilerating doubles tennis match on Sunday evening, and myriad awe-inspiring things I did on Saturday and have forgotten already.

So starting with the Indian Premier League.

I hadn't ever seen a cricket match in a stadium ever before in my life. The first reaction to seeing the ground was "Poof, thats it? Is THAT the whole field? seriously? Hell, i've played on larger grounds and cleared the boundary." But after that it was an awesome experience.

The extravaganza before the match, the opening ceremony that is,was brilliant with performers in colourful attire prancing around on stilts. Of course it probably would've been better if we hadn't taken the cheapest seats in the stadium (Well, it did say "best view seats" on the tickets. And we believed them)and were actually in the stand before which they were doing the prancing. The redskin cheerleaders were another added attraction and they played to the crowd, even the cheap ticket part, by performing all around the ground. The best part for me were the people sliding down wires from the top of the stadium to the middle of the field. In the night they literally looked like four people flying into the stadium unaided by any human contraption. Really cool.

The match sadly was rather one sided. Also we weren't able to see the screen from where we were sitting so we had no idea about the score or who was batting or fielding (most bowlers you can make out by their bowling action). Thus is so happened that Brendan McCullum made a fiery 160 right before our eyes but we had no clue that only one batsman had been hitting. We saw players raising their bats thrice and assumed that three separate individuals had scored 50s. (Quick tip to the organisers : ANNOUNCE the score and the batsmen for heavens sake! ANNOUNCE!)

All in all, and inspite of my cribbing it was a really good experience that i'd recommend to anyone. These matches are of the perfect duration, three hours you can easily stay in a stadium and enjoy the match but not beyond that. The next stage matches should be even tighter and maybe i'll go to see them whenever they happen in Bangalore.

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Sudhir pai said...


I do that very often!
and thanks to the plethora of functionalities that google serenades us with, I even check out all the recent conversations I've had with my friends.

Man! I've missed todays match on IPL. Finally gilly came good!