Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Rainy "Knight's" Tale...

Hehe, I thought I'd come up with a profound and intellectual post to commemorate 50 posts on this astounding blog. Instead, I heard an incident from a friend that I just HAD to share! Its hilarious AND has a moral to it! (yeah, yeah, I know, to better mankind is a responsibility that falls upon great men like me. And then its upto us to shoulder up to this immense load, forget our own discomfort and make our sacrifice for the betterment of the human race...).

Warning: Certain details of the below story have been subjected to prose-license to improve overall impact.

Moving on, heres the scene...

Delhi, that Goddess of all cities...
Late night, say around 1 in the night...
Torrential rains lashing the city. Brilliant flashes of lightening...
Two old friends sitting on stairs leading upto one's house. Nostalgia hangs clearly in the air...
The glow from the cigarette one of them is smoking flickers, brightens, flickers again and then dies out...
Both look up with a start.Both are transported back from the ethereal campus of DCE that they were talking about, to the current cigarette less state they are in...

Two choices, abort the conversation (Afterall one of them has a flight to catch in the morning). The sensible thing to do, you'd say.

So, Of course they decide to pick up the car and go hunt for a fag(er...cigarette).

And now the real story begins -

So these two guys are cruising along the road in search for the elusive cigarette and they see a weird scene infront of their eyes.

A hot-little-girl-in-a-little-hot-dress brushing off water from her self while a bike lies sprawled on the ground and a guy having a heated quarrel with a cyclist. The girl asks the guy (presumably [hopefully] her brother) to desist. The guy acquiesces.

The protaganists (My friends), eyes popping out of their heads (did I mention the hot-little-girl-in-a-little-hot-dress?), parked their car, got out with their most macho swagger.

"Is something the matter? Need any help?" (Aimed at guy, eyes strictly on the hot-little-girl-in-a-little-hot-dress)

"No, we're fine, just a small accident. No problem. Thanks"


Both climb into the car and move...slowly. The car seems to be resisting all attempts on the drivers part to accelerate. Both look towards each other, understanding shining in their eyes like a bright streak of lightening on a amavasya night (no-moon night, for want of a better english translation). This is too much like destiny. Straight out of a movie. A damsel in distress, how could the knights just leave her like that, lonely, forlorn, a tear in the eye. It just isn't what knights in shiny armours do, it just isn't cricket!

So the car, accepting the acceleration much more heartily than before, took a screeching U-turn. Racing back to the place where destiny was waiting for them with open arms and a joyous heart (Ok, a little explanation about a question that must be breeding in your mind - why was there no competition within the protagonists, even when the prize is so desirable, i.e. hot-little-girl-in-a-little-hot-dress. One of them has already found his destiny and is engaged to be married. So his role was of the loyal sidekick, the supporter who draws together and helps the hero overcome all odds to reach his destiny, i.e. hot-little-girl-in-a-little-hot-dress).

eeehhhnnnhhh, the car screeched to a halt. What was that?!!

Let us recollect the scene as our hero and his loyal sidekick had left sometime, nay, a few moments ago. The hot-little-girl-in-a-little-hot-dress, the potential brother, sprawled bike and a fast receding cyclist.

AND now:

Two cars with 2 to 3 guys each parked around the bike as the brother-figure tries to start it. All of them vying with each other to 'help' the hot-little-girl-in-a-little-hot-dress 's brother/boyfriend start the bike!

HEHE, our heroes took a deep breath and proceeded again on their quest for a cigarette...

MORAL: If you come across a hot-little-girl-in-a-little-hot-dress needing help, DO NOT let the opportunity go! There are always another 3-4 guys waiting around the corner to steal your 'destiny'!!


PS: My lips are sealed about the identity of the protagonists!

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