Thursday, June 7, 2007

Quick flash of the last few days...

Hmm, so i've been out of this blog for a few days. Somehow, I just don't seem to have anything to say, and no time to say it. (not that I'm working too hard. Jeez, that'd be the day, when I ignore the essentials of my life - blogging, reading, eating, trying to get someone to pay for my food, ogling at anything female that moves - because of work)

Anyway I'll give a basic round up just to let my regular readers know that I'm not moping around in a depressive state or something. Just plain nothing to say.

Well, Monday..hmm dunno what I did. Came back from work, counting days till I can safely go to office late again (you see, my boss was out of the country and the big-big-boss was calling me for work rather more frequently than when boss is there. Big-big-boss is so big that you GOTTA be there when he calls for you) . Came back, "helped" R a bit with his law assignment (yeah, help! One look at that assignment and all I could do was point at my flatmate, shake uncontrollably with mirth- "how in hell's name do you even think you're ever going to pass this course?"..."dude, you already have a master's degree, what made you think you could fool the educators once more?" - Yeah, my motivation techniques are slightly unconventional, but they work- R hasn't failed a single exam till date :) )

Then I was on the phone for sometime (couple of interesting conversations!) , and thats it - day ended.

Tuesday, hmm - no recollection, oh wait. I was tired and went off to bed early.

And then the rains struck.

Apparently we stay in a village where the local electrician plugs off the grid whenever he sees real or imaginary signs of impending rains. And thats what happened. Three hours without electricity, aaarrgghhh. (incidently, Bangalore rain is a bit strange- It starts late at night, is accompanied with absolutely NO wind and doesn't decrease the temperature perceptibly.)

So essentially what this current spate of late night showers is doing is:

1. Switches off electricity

2. Drives blood-thirsty mosquitoes inside the house (They just bite me, R comfortably lolls around watching some movie on his laptop - and the mosquitoes do not even register his presence, the b@$t@rds!)

3. Goes on at a just-above-drizzling intensity. So you can't go for a walk in my beautiful, tree lined colony.

So you can't go outside, you can't stay inside AND you have to provide blood sacrifices for the mosquitoes.

Thank you rain God, you totally rock!


Yeah, helped R with some Art of Living thing he's volunteering for.

Then AG arrived from Mumbai (YAY!), went for a long walk with him while R was talking to his parents (they left this morning, so it was the last eve kind of conversation) . Showed AG the place where I'd taken my oft-mentioned scuba dive (The insensitive lout laughed his head off..sniff..i'm so sympathy at all) .

Then we chatted for some time and made plans for today.

And thats pretty much it. A small synopsis of the week so far. I'm sure my regular readers would be happy to see some activity here.

Go on guys, its going to be a few fun filled days now - look out for the next updates!

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