Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lazy lazy lazy...

This has undoubtedly been the laziest ever Saturday in a long time.

Had slept late yesterday, so got up in phases, first at 8:30, read the newspaper, slept off; then at 9:30, opened the door for our cook, directed breakfast, slept off; then finally at 11:30.

We had the most amazing weather in Bangalore today. Brilliant cool breeze blowing across the beautiful locality I live in (reminds me of Vasant Vihar in Delhi). So I went for a little walk, but got pissed off cos my phone's microphone seems to be losing the battle against the water-drenching it was sujected to earlier. Screaming on the phone to get myself heard at the other end while enjoying a leisurely sedate walk in my exquisite tree-lined (hehe..I do really love the area in which I stay) is not exactly my cup of tea. And walking alone without the phone sticking to my ear is not the kinda thing I do.

Anyway, staying at home on a Saturday does have a few related problems. You get informed about a lot of domestic stuff that needs to be done around the house (not that any of the stuff is actually done,no I'm not saying that, but its still a bit disconcerting to have them enumerated for you by irate neighbours.) Anyway, so the nighbour lady has asked me to get a few things done, and I think some of that will actually need to be done in the near future.

One good thing was a looong 4-4 1/2 hour long blissful nap that I took in the afternoon. I got up from that with an all encompassing pleasured feeling that one only gets after a long, deep, dreamless sleep.

And now I write this post.

This is the 49th post of my blog. And the next one would be the 50th. Whew, who would've thought that I'd be writing 50 posts AND have people reading it too (ok, so not huge numbers but 2 is a number!)

Anyway, dinner time now...hopefully I can come with a really good post to mark the 50th.

Keep waiting!

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