Monday, June 4, 2007

India, through foreign eyes...

I bought this book called "are you experienced?" by William Sutcliffe yesterday. Its about a UK born non-couple that decides to spend some three-four months travelling around India and their experiences and travails.

The problem is that the girl is travelling because of some great visions of discovering her 'inner-self' and 'the meaning of life'; while the guy is travelling with grand visions of 'discovering the inner side of the girl's pants'!

Hilarious, the cynical guy and the gullible girl meeting a bunch of equally weird people. It is actually really really funny.

So funny that I bought it yesterday morning, read some 70 pages while waiting for a friend to show back home around 10:30, and still managed to reach some 150 odd pages between intermittent power outages due to the rains yesterday...

AND I can't wait to get back home to lap up the rest :)... maybe I could just cut out of office early today, hmm, now thats a thought :) Or maybe just tuck the book beneath the laptop and keep taking peeks at it between "work" (sniff..reminds me of the neat Chrichtons and Asimovs I read when I should've been reading for my Social Studies paper...sigh good days - yes)

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