Monday, June 18, 2007

One hell of a bad day...

I am really pissed off...

I'm warning you, this is not going to be even a remotely funny post. Its going to be bitter ranting and raving.

The seeds of this terrible day were sown yesterday evening. I'd gone to meet up with some old school friends in the afternoon. Good fun, lots of catching up.

But then in the evening I hitched a ride with one of my school friends who was going to NGV. Now NGV is not really next to my place but I thought i'd go in and say an innocent 'hi' to a friend who stays there.

And thats where the glorious downward spiral began.

When I reached my friends house they had gone to a nearby store to stock up on "groceries" (liquid nourishment, lots of it). Well, even till that point I was in the i'll-say-hi-sit-for-an-hour-and-move-out mode. However, things just started getting poured and chugged. And, well, there was the US grand prix happening; and some other friends coming over...and suddenly I realised that I was in the middle of a full-blown party on a Sunday evening with the prospect of office looming up the next day.

Anyway, its not like I haven't ever had late nights before going to work the next day. So I guessed that it wouldn't be all that bad. But it was..oh, yes it was!
I finally hit the sack at some 2:30, got up at 6:30 am, reached home by 7, slept off on a fitful non-relaxing nap till 9. And when I finally decided to go to office (That was a struggle as well. I swear if I hadn't taken Friday off, i'd have just turned over to sleep for another 6-7 hours), I could hardly keep my eyes open and my legs coordinated enough to walk a straight path.

So I reach my nearby office, hopelessly late - in no position to even connect my laptop to the network in a coherent manner without help. But still, I managed it. All to see a rather dreadful email on my desktop. Now I won't tell you about the email because I do not speak about my professional life on this personal blog - lets just say that it led me to a lot of introspection which could've had a better effect if I was able to keep my eye lids non-fixated to each other without using my hands. Man, how i've worked, whatever little I worked, I really don't know (My fellow reveller called me and told me that he took two hours to compose a two line email - that was the extent of his dizziness)

Anyway, I struggled and I struggled, but fianlly my conscience lost and I decided to just go back home early.

There, I thought, we will see the repercussions of the problematic email and the consequent thoughts tomorrow, after I have a nice long sleep.

BUT, no!! It just couldn't be that easy, now could it?

As I reached my home, my haven, my resting place I was faced by a weird vision of my maid struggling with gallons and gallons of water pouring out of my groundfloor house. Apparently, one tap remained open in the kitchen and it flooded the whole house with water. Fortunately, the maid spotted it quickly and had access to the key so she could come in and stop everything from being destroyed. So anyway, when I thought I'd come in, plonk myself on the bed and forget all worries for 6-7 hours; I found myself struggling with putting things on higher places in my house. (Luckily the laptops were not on the mattresses we've set out to loll around in in the living room. That is their normal place of rest but somehow they were in the almirah).

After this I thought my quota of woes was over for the day.

BUT, no!! It just couldn't be that easy, now could it?

I made the room dark with makeshift curtains and tried to lose myself in blissful sleep. But now my eyes refused to close. No sleep. Aaarrgghhh.

Finally, got up from my sleep-charade and waited for the cook to come in so I could get some decent food.

BUT, no!! It just couldn't be that easy, now could it.

Cook's ill. He's lost my number so he didn't inform. I'm sitting here now after having bad Maggi, all alone as R is busy with work today...

Totally terrible day. BAH!

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