Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cooking Trouble...

I hate to convert this blog into a place where I vent out my domestic issues, but it's a sad commentary on my life that the most interesting things have started happening on the domestic front itself...yeah, yeah I know- whatever happened to cool swapnil?

We've shifted into this new house for a while but have been too lazy to get a cook. Of course we weren't too lazy to go out every night looking for a place to eat and end up paying huge amounts of money. Eventually PS couldn't take it any more and took up the job of getting us a cook and what a cook!

So this guy comes into our life as a ray of hope - dreams of home cooked scrumplicious, delumptious (anybody remember Secret Seven from Enid Blyton and the awesome 'meetings' they used to have between eating amazing sounding food. These two terms were invented by them and have been stuck in my mind ever since - though none of my class 11-12 Physics has stuck - strange, isn't it? :)) meals waiting for us as we got back from work.

People who stay at home or have the skills to cook up a decent meal (NOT maggi)- please wipe that snigger off your face - hot dinner gives you an amazing high when you're staying in a bachelor pad.

So this guy comes in and the first day sees PS and me high-fiving and congratulating ourselves at getting this awesome cook between discussing that what were we thinking, not getting a cook till now.

And the next was just as good.

But just as we were getting into the habit of a comfortable existence, he didn't turn up the next day...or the next. Calling him anxiously and forlornly every 5 minutes, we were treated to some brilliant Ooriya song that was his caller tune, but no answer from him. We were on the verge of tears next day when the doorbell sounded like the musical chime of heaven as I leapt to open the door.

I swear I almost had tears of joy in my eyes and it took all my fortitude to stop myself from hugging him. It would've been unprofessional, considering that I had to blast him for two consequetive absences, but to tell you the truth we were too thankful to actually listen to his cock-a-bull story about me telling him that I'd call him if he had to come. Obviously I had done nothing like this.

To cut a long story short (I know your time is precious - all those bosses walking around while you read this in office!), this became a regular thing and we had to fire him.

AND then we got another one.

He seemed quite sincere, but he's got such a depressive face and attitude that one look at it in the evening and I feel more fatigued than ever.

No, nope... I've given it a fair chance and not just on one experience, but this one is going out too...

Anyone know a good cook in Bangalore?


Abhinav said...

How far is Suresh - I still find those Pav Bhaji days "delumptious" ;)

Shambu Nashipudi said...

get married dude :-)

Swapnil said...

Abhinav: I asked him - he refused. Apparently NGV is out of the way for him, and he's cycling 25 km everyday anyway :(

Shambu: Thanks but no thanks man. Bread butter works just fine for me :)

Ritwik Bisaria said...

Ramakant zindabad!!