Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jumpstarter post...

It's been a while, huh?

Somehow I haven't been able to write anything on this blog for a while. It's not like I don't have things to write, in fact I keep having the ah-this-just-has-to-go-up-on-my-blog moments but somehow by the time I get online in the evening they slip through like sand through outstretched fingers.

But then we all know that the best cure for this kind of ennui is to grit your teeth and just write. So I have decided just that. But I won't be able to do a sensible long post so I shall just sqeeze shut my eyes, try to remember the aforementioned moments and quickly list them down along with a small paragraph about them. Ok?

hehe like you have a choice!

1. It's not you...

Someone I know recently got dumped by a girl with an atrocious cliche from the girl. After a regular "she wasn't really that hot man, you're better off without her" converstion that is appropriate to the situation (it was quite a casual thing, not too many emotions attached) we both have decided that at least once we will break up with a line: "Really,it's not me, it's YOU" :)

Also a pretty funny blog on cliched break up lines:

2. New office fun...
Well i've been having a tough week at work this week (actually i'm supposed to be doing some work today as well - but i'm just too lazy to do it)so when a colleague at my new workplace invited me to a home party late yesterday evening I quickly acquiesced. Anyway I was sad that I wasn't able to go to Chennai this weekend - R came in for a visit to AG's place but I couldn't go because of this work I mentioned earlier.

Very good fun was had. Just add a bit of beer and music to the equation, take them away from the office and people just become so much fun!I was thinking i'd come back early from there and probably hang out with my NGV gang, but I ended up coming home quite late. Just read a bit after that and slept off

3. I am reading Prestige (the book on which the movie is made). Two magicians, a life long feud, and an obsession. A very good book and written in a different style as well. On an aside, it reminds me of the other movie based on magicians - The Illusionist. Again some awesome performances. I think Edward Norton is made for doing these strange, mysterious, silent roles. He's quite awesome in the Illusionist.

4. I am also reading a James Bond book - On her majesty's secret service. This is the first James Bond novel I'm reading and I actually quite like it. Though it is a very simplistic plot, it's well written.

ok, now I better do some work or else I'll feel like a weekend I could've visited AG and R and didn't and still didn't do any work. And the worst feeling is that of wasted a weekend. No, the worst is that of wasted a long weekend - and I know all about that! :)

Added later: This is more of a tweet than a addition: Just watching Maqbool on tv. I think it's a way better movie than Sarkar, as far as Indian gangster-mafia type movies

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