Saturday, May 16, 2009

IPL et al...

This year's IPL has it all!

All teams being in neck to neck competition - awesome locations - good pitches- bowlers finally getting there's back - some awesome hitting from the old masters - spinners playing crucial roles - most matches going down to nail biting finishes - hell, even the cheerleaders are allowed to dresses rather than the covered up pseudo bhartiya naari look that was forced upon them last year.

Perfect recipe for an awesome tournament, right??


NO - I hate it. It just doesn't have last year's fanatic following. I just don't feel like watching any of the matches to the point when people look at me in a weird way that this guy is not following the IPL at all in water cooler discussions!

Apart from knowing that Delhi is on top of the table I just don't know anything about it. I think the sole charm of this tournament was in the home and away game format. As loyal readers of this blog would remember I had gone for the opening ceremony ( ) last year. ANd followed and discussed the whole thing all the way till the end. And this time - no interest - at all. IPL belongs in India. Taking it to another country just takes away the charm. I loved the fact that there was finally some sporting event that was within the range of people like us to go and watch. I mean, seriously, we have no sport that happens regularly and that can ignite local passion and loyalty - and fits in nicely over the weekend. All we get as entertainment options are movies, plays (and those have also been affected by the Kannada-first brigade - yes, i'm talking about you Rangashankara (I used to go watch plays regularly but now they only have Kannada plays on the weekends ( It just makes me sick - this kind of culture policing is just not right. Put up Kannada plays, but don't deprive people of good, watchable plays just because they're in English or Hindi - Hindi is the National mother tongue for christ's sake)) and pubs. Going to sports events is so much more fun (Like the time AK and I went to watch the Williams sisters play in Bangalore

I want the IPL back home, I want some sporting culture to pervade through the country :(

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