Thursday, August 23, 2007

My big budday gift and Delhi o Delhi..wheee!!! ...

I did it!
Finally I did what i've been thinking for so long.I got my self a car when I was 25. (ok, ok it was a close call, another 5 days and I'd be 26. Yes, this is a nudge for all of you to send in expensive birthday gifts.)

I got myself a neat, super sleek Fiat Palio. Its a beautiful car and I'm loving driving it.I got it on 21st August.

Unfortunately Bangalore's traffic does not give enough leeway to really open up the throttle.But not to worry, all in good time.

I'll put in some photos, but right now i'm swamped with work (came back at 10 today!)

But seriously its a strange feeling, I mean grown ups buy cars and stuff. I guess I've grown up ... :)


Just a quick note, i'm visiting Delhi starting tomorrow. I'll be there till 2nd September.

And the weird thing is that I'm not feeling as I excited as I normally do. I guess its the extra work and the excitement, tenderhook-ness before getting the car, excitement and weirdness on getting the car :D

Its all good though, all good..Delhi will be awesome fun again this time as lots and lots of my friends are in Delhi at this point of time...

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