Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A quickie update...

" don't love me anymore"
"We hardly spend any time together anymore. Whats happened?"
"I think we're drifting apart, we were so good together...sniff"
"what went wrong? It was perfect..."

ok, ok I'm sure your thoughts are not as over the top as these reactions. But yeah, if my blog could speak, she'd probably be spewing such senti dialogues by the dozen.

Well a couple of factors have been contributing to this drought of posts. One, blogger has been blocked in my office (If I decide to switch jobs, this'll be a great factor) and second, i've been battling waves and waves of work for the last couple of weeks. I mean, you guys know me, would you've thought that you'd ever see me get up early of my own volition as I could do with a couple of hours extra in office? Or that you'd ever see me gasping and limping in late, LATE from work on a weekday? well, yes, I've been guilty of doing both.

Lots of things I saw over these to weeks made me go Ah! now that just HAS to go into my blog! But then I never got around to doing it, and now when I have time today (The day is off today on account of it being 15th August, the Indian independence day, when we got our freedom back after an amazing and incomprehensible non-violent struggle. Seriously, if you're not from India and have no idea about our freedom struggle, I suggest you read up on it a bit. Its fascinating. As a corollary, normally history is taught in a really pathetic learn-by-rote way in India. However, thank God for the most awesome teacher ever, Aditi Misra ma'am, who made the subject alive for me and all my classmates) I'm not able to recall the initiators of these "aha! this has to be blogged" moments.

So I shall regale you with some highlights of what I've been upto for the last two weeks. I know, I know - you'd rather have my intellectual discourses- but that ain't happenin sista!

Have started on this awesome book by Bill Bryson. It's a travellogue about when he travelled around Australia. The way he's written this is just phenomenal. He's very funny and at the same time has a firm grasp of the history and culture of the place, in addition to being very insightful. I'm looking forward to reading what is considered his masterpiece, a brief history of nearly everything.

Oh and yeah, i'm seriously considering buying a car. It'll be the most expensive purchase of my life till now. And m heart is set on a particular model that is no longer in production. So I have to go the used car route. Now, in my family no one has ever bought anything second-hand. So I have absolutely no idea of how to go about it, whether it'll be good or will it be a lemon, am I making a mistake by being stubborn about that one model I want?

Anyway, we shall see. I'll take it, then whatever happens i'll just live with it. Worst case I may need to borrow some money from you, my readers. I'm sure you guys will contribute to the "swapnil's-on-the-verge-of-collapse-with-starvation-fund". Generously!

What else, what else, haan, I saw this movie Apocalypse Now. Now don't get me wrong I liked the whole thing, and some scenes were stunning but didn't understand what Kurtz was doing exactly. Or how he got all the vietnamese followers. I think Marlon Brando (Kurtz') role needed to be elongated a bit to get better insight into his actions. Or maybe i'm just a doddering idiot who needs to be explained these "thought provoking" movies slowly, one word at a time :)

Yeah, last to last weekend I also saw a play called "To the death of my whole family". This is a one woman performance about an afghan woman who is an american citizen returning from Afghanistan where she'd gone to fetch her dad. She's detained by the authorities just for coming from Afghanistan. As the plot unravels it explains how her entire family died as a result of the conflict and how its tearing her heart out. I'm not able to put it in words, but it was a phenomenal performance. One of the very few serious plays that i've enjoyed (Maybe enjoyed is not the word to be associated with such a play)

Oh, and I'd gone to an office party in a new suppossedly hot place called Madira (Wine in Hindi). The place wasn't all that great but it was a fun party.

hmm anything else, nope, just test drives, awesome plays, tepid blown out of proportion movies and a hell of a lot of work! Thats all thats been keeping me from y'all...

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