Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The more "feelingful" Hampi trip post...

In the second part of "Hampi-ty dampi-ty, what a damp squib!" we will be aiming for a more personal angle to the whole episode that happened enroute Hampi. I have been accused of just jotting down the facts as they happened in the last post with no "human angle" to it. No, I do not work for a bitchy editor, its just that my readers are that discerning.

So I was racking my phenomenal brains to work on this new angle to ensure that my readers continue to subscribe to my blog and feel touched to tear when they hear about the plight that befell us on this weekend trip. I was thinking of writing in a cringy way, describing each moment of black despair that we went through. To talk about each tear that rolled down our cheeks as we contemplated are hopeless situation. Each drop of perspiration that shimmered on our bodies (ok, this is not the kind of suggestive imagery I was aiming for...moving on...) as we walked around like helpless babes in the forest of distraught-ness (I think I just invented a word !).

BUT then, a better idea struck me. If you've read a bit about marketing, you'll know that the best way to identify a customer need is to go out in the market. Talk to the people who are affected and have an opinion about what you want to ask them.

And who is the person most affected in this entire episode? Who would have the strongest opinion (Though I don't recall him ever emphasising his feelings with profanities that I would've used most easily) about what transpired?

Yes, the answer stood staring me in the eye. It has to be the owner of the car that suffered such pains at the hands of the cruel, cruel stone-on-the-road.
You guessed it right, we will make Jibi open his heart and bare all (er..em..his feelings..sheesh you guys!) in this edition of swappinglives.

A small introduction of Jibi is needed here. Jibi or Jibitesh is my batchmate from IIFT. He along with his wife P stay in the same locality as I do. Before his wedding, he was sharing a flat with RB and NK...and yeah, PJ. He had also gone with RB and I on our legendary trip to Goa, circa 2006 Diwali. Subsequently he, along with me, had been unceremoniously kicked out of a second rung club called Mambo's there because we were just guys and it was a couples only club. Now, I'm used to this kind of treatment because of my long standing single status, however, the poor chap was so unused to this that he immediately went and got married upon returning, just to ensure he wouldn't have to suffer the humiliation again (I'm kidding of course. His wedding had nothing to do with this...but think about it, people DO get married for strange reasons. There's a girl in my office who claims she's getting married only because she gets bored on the weekends !! So in a parallel universe some or the other psycho may decide to get married because he was turned out of a couples-only club. But I digress..but this is an interesting point to ponder...moving on).

We caught up with Jibi who was understandably shaken by the turn of events.

1. Jibi, first of all I'd like to express my heartfelt sympathy for what happened to your car. Millions and millions of our readers are very curious about what happened? Could you shed some light on this and describe what happened some 50 kilometres from Hospet at around 1 in the afternoon on Saturday?

I hit a SMALL rock. The car didnt think it was small enough.

2. Now that is one scary incident! What was going through your mind when you heard the noise? And were you in full control of the car after that stone hit the chassis? Or was it just your extra-ordinary driving skills that saved the day?

Was in control till the car hit the rock. Nothing happened. The car stopped with a thud, smoke billowing and the keys automatically in my hand. I dunno if I took out the keys or they came out on impact, locking the steering in the process. Restarted the engine and took the car to the side.

3. When you peeked under the chassis and saw that huge gaping hole looking out insolently from the engine casing, what were the first three swear words that crossed your mind?

Didnt have to wait to peek to understand that the engine was hit. Saw the oil gushing out actually had sprayed all over the place. One of the wheel caps was gone. Swear words that came to my mind... Sorry I was too numb to think anything.

4. Anyway thank God there was a service station in Bellary. But I understand that there were some problems with the jeep that had been sent to "rescue" you?

Find the detailed description in the blog when I write here as a guest blogger.

5. No diesel, and a breakdown in a distance of 50 kilometres? It sounds terribly fishy. Do you think this could be a conspiracy? Do you suspect anyone?

No one. I dont think I even knew the truck wallah who could have kept the rock at the middle of teh road. Nor the Ford guys who "tried" to help. please read the attached doc and let me know if i can pin point the conspiracy angle on anyone.

6. Anyway, I guess alls well that ends well! Thank you so much for taking out time to speak to the edit team at swappinglives. it was wonderful speaking to you and I really admire the steely grit with which you've managed to come out of this traumatic experience. You, sir, are an inspiration.

Alls not over yet. The insurance decision pending, I would need lots of motivation from all you guys to take my car out again, if it ever comes back.


Vani said...

too much of effort trying to give "personal" touch is clear....

effort is cool but you cud do better.. can you?

Swapnil said...

ha! ur just jealous of my superior writing there :)
wht do u want me to do better?

Vani said...

no dispute. you are a good writer. BTW i said more on the personal touch... not the writing abilities. you please :)