Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Update on my mis-adventure...

Well considering the hordes and hordes of well meaning emails that flooded in in response to my telling the tale of my little scuba dive I thought I'll write this post

(Yes,and about that - I got one email, from AK - guess it doesn't even count cos he's my real world friend since forever. SO what does this say about you online people. I feel so used and exploited {curls up in a corner and puts thumb in mouth} come here for your daily dose of laughs, giggle at the brilliant stuff I slave to write for you. And then when you get to hear about a near-death horrendous incident in my life,you don't even bother to put in even a SINGLE email/comment.You call yourself my loyal readers?? Disgusting, you guys should be ashamed...{shakes fist in the air and spews a few choice expletives}..hmmppfff.)

Anyway, in case some of you actually care about what happened to me post this incident, heres a small update.

My super cool phone is back to working condition. However, it cost 3.5 thousand INR to repair. (yes, we will be accepting donations to the 'help feed Swapnil, now that he's broke paying for his phone repairs' fund. Cash please. AND please convert that 100 dollar bill before depositing {the way the rupee is appreciating against the Dollar, that 100 dollar bill may soon have half its original value}, there, thank you)

Also, when leaving the shop, the repair guy gave me some good ol' fashioned gyan (emphasis on AFTER I had paid my bill). He said Sir, ek baar aisa touch screen wale phone mein paani chale jaaye to kuchh keh nahin sakte ki kitna chalega. ek saal- ya dus saal, kuchh keh nahin sakte. Mere khayal se to isse bech hi dena ab . For my Hindi-challenged readers- "once a touchscreen phone like this one gets water-logged, you can never say how long it'll work. It could be an year, or ten years, no one can say. According to me you should think about selling it off now."

Jeez, thanks man, you repair it and then tell me you don't know how long it'll work. Then you suggest I sell it off. (Yes, I asked him how much money would I get for the phone..he picked up the phone, gave it an appraising look {yeah, man you were playing with its innards for two days and now you have to relook at it to know how much it'd fetch?!!), and said around 4000. It took all my self-control to stop me from banging my head on a wall right there!

My laptop is functioning fine, if not a bit better than before.(Hehe, I guess the drives got "clean" ...snigger).The adapter blew up when I plugged it in but other than that its running fine. Unfortunately I still haven't backed up my data yet. I have a number of personal videos (videos of some trips and lots of my adorable niece J) that I have to write on my personal cds before I can get my laptop formatted and working really well again. I guess, and I hope I remember, to buy a few cds on my way home and then make these cds so I can get the tech-guys to format my laptop and reinstall all the stuff.


Rathin said...

you got your brackets messed up!

Rathin said...

and man, thats sad. i'm the only one writing comments.

Swapnil said...

yeah man, it kinda shows I've got bigger problems than messed up brackets ! btw which brackets are messed up?