Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bangalore rains...

We interrupt normal programming about Manali due to exceptional circumstances.

Friday evening, a bit of rain decided to fall on Bangalore. And thus begins my saga, its not a pretty fairytale and I would warn the feeble hearted to turn back now - I shall not take any responsibility for the mental trauma you may face because of continuing.

So you insist on tormenting yourself, well, then read on- let it be on your head.

I took my regular office shuttle and got down at my regular spot. And there, a little bit of rain and water clogging happens at all places in Bangalore. And there it was the roads had some one and a half feet of water. The so called sidewalk was also submerged under a similar head of water.

Arrrgghhh, I said to myself (yes, remarkably articulate I am when conversing with myself), rolling up my trousers a bit I started to nimbly leap from dry spot to dry spot (Bangalore sidewalks have stones sticking up at angles. The edges of these sometimes provide relief from the rising floods. Yes, we live in a third world country. Yes, our infrastructure whats your point exactly?). However, I failed to take cognizance of one fact- there is an open drain running behind the sidewalk.

Well the rest you can imagine- one moment I was walking nimbly on my toes trying to avoid water leaking into my shoes, and the next I saw murky water all around me with bubbles escaping from my nose. Yeah, i'd stepped into the drain and had fallen headlong. I got submerged for a second or two, and God, it was bloody scary.

Fortunately I didn't get hurt (Aww man, what needs to be done to shut him up. He falls in a drain, gets submerged and still doesn't get hurt. Man, just when we were getting our hopes up.....yeah, thanks so much, you're such good pals...bleh). But, my current status is kind of terrible. My laptop has been lying open with a fan running for the last two days in a hope that water would dry up and it recovers. I hope the technical guys in office can retrieve the data, or else i'm sooo screwed.

My super cool Imate PDA phone is with the repair guy- and he told me that he'll let me know IF the phone can be repaired...aaarrgghhhh..the suspense is killing me.

I also had some office work which hasn't been done as well as I would've wanted because of this mishap.

Anyway, please put your palms together and pray that my phone and laptop recover :(

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