Thursday, May 24, 2007

Manali trip 2003 ...contd...

Ok so PS added a couple of incidents that I'd forgotten about. Thats how we work, throwing the ball between us, compensating for the other person's shortcomings, making sure that the final product is brilliant (No, I'm not growing senile and losing my ability to remember things [drat, whats that called...yeah, memory], YOU shut it called..yeah..!$@%#%%!@. There, now will you make any allusions to my shortened memory span? Good)

Any-which-way, so as pointed out the juniors(ah the blue-eyed-innocent-bundles-of-joys), poor darlings that they are (were!), left their luggage bunched together outside the hostel and sweetly forgot all about it. We went all the way to Murthal (ah, memories, ah, paranthas, ah, "key karra hai chhore" people) before those kids remembered their luggage (Ok, so shouldn't you be aiming those loss-of-memory jokes on them? Rather than on were you aiming them at? - me!). Despite us seniors thinking that it didn't really matter (we had our luggage you see), the juniors still managed to commandeer one Qualis and went to retrieve their luggage (Now, THIS is a first. But I guess once a guy is separated from his undies..well, then he wants them back - seniors or no seniors...some things just HAVE to be done)

So, these kids went hunting while we settled down to have the most amazing paranthas in the world (Yes, Tanku's is nothing in comparison, Transport nagar was maaayybe in the same league- but we had those paranthas after escaping cops. At 3 in the night. On the pavements of the campus roads of DCE. In the hostel way of eating - throw your hand in the fray and maybe you'll get a piece way.),. So after this very hearty breakfast we started on the journey.

I've already told you kids about the Chandigarh So we shall move on to Manali.

We were booked in this awesome hotel/resort a bit outside Manali. This place was simply beautiful,it was nestled in a valley with brilliant blue mountains commanding the horizon, it had a stream flowing across the road. Most importantly except for a honeymooning couple and another more 'interesting' inmate, we were the only occupants of the ENTIRE resort. Also, we never saw the honeymooning couple outside their room (wonder what they were doing...snigger), though AN/B DID claim that he heard them...when he had his ear against their door (yes, we are not nice people, we are degenerate, have no sense of propriety, and are extremely cheap...but by God, being us is fun!! :) ), so we had the full run of the place.

However, the first time we stepped out was marred by a rather bad incident, because of me. (Aww geddoff my back!! i'm human, I make mistakes too...well not as many as normal human beings, but yeah sometimes I do).

We were all frollicking around in the shallow stream nearby, and somehow I got mortified of being thrown in the water. I dunno why, but I snapped and screamed my head off when DC tried to initiate the process of picking me and dumping me in.

The guy was shocked, but not as much as I was, I apologised soon and volunteered to be dumped in the water. I was thinking that in all the apologising and stuff he'd do the right thing and not dump me in the water. Unfortunately, thats not how things work, you ALWAYS get dumped in the water and thats what happened. I know its not a big deal, but the fact that both DC and I remember it (and he still takes the Mickey out of me for my stupidity) means that it was quite a weird thing to so, especially a nice guy like DC (if it was B...then it'd be ok).

Anyway, we got out of the stream and had heavenly breakfast in a dhaba nearby.Brilliant.

Ok, now my memory evades me a bit. I've been to Manali thrice and all the trips are getting mixed up a bit (Sigh, I guess I AM growing old...would some nice chick want to grow old with me...I have a head start :) ). I'll list down the incidents I remember and send this blog's link to as many people as I can from those who were on this trip. And wait for responses to make sure I get a day-by-day itinerary of this glorious trip.

1. R, VC climbing high , high on the snow near Rohtang pass
2. The "these-people-are-bashing-me-up-lemme-call-my-real-friends" party.
3. The all night GC (er...conversation) session around the dying embers of a fire. Seriously nostalgic stuff about DCE
4. "__ ____aye tera ustaad, yeh chicken chowmein nahin hai" - VC
5. The at the Mandir
6. MN's separate stay in the hotel, due reasons and the rest's valient attempts to get a vantage point to peek in

Please, please, please send me whatever you guys remember about these incidents. And if there are any incidents I may've forgotten.

I really want this travelogue to bring back all those beautiful me...


Parvinder said...

2-3 points that might help you write more
1. Manali jaane se pehle baraf ke liye kapde liye and then went up ...up.. up and up the hill and then slided back... u remember the fun?
2. baraf ke golo se ek doosre ka bahut mara tha.. ladkiyo ko bhi target kiya tha but jayada pange nahin le sake....
3. bihari ka camera jismein humari photos thi.. woh gum gaya... shayad driver ne churaya.. aaj tak kisi ko nahin pata... aur bihari ka dance with that driver....
4. Juniors served us the dinner.. first time in life they treated us as senior. hehe.. worth a mention.
5. Coming back....chowmein incident u did mention it but it can very well be written in length as the experience of getting that chcken chowmein is worth sharing
6. Finally the incident where Popli was successful in front of a cop by telling stories about DCE and all... only place we didnt pay fine.

Phew that must be enough for one more post.. right?

Mudit said...

Well, there really were things I did miss out on... As for the suspicious reasons for my staying apart, the lady in question you all met anyway, so I guess the suspense got over.
It sure would have been fun to be on the main trip with you guys, instead of having my own small 'group' ;)

things were good in college....

Parvinder said...

I think you missed a mention of major happening : Popli crying on that party night and calling his friends and saying "yeh sab mujhe maar rahen hain" and TK trying to control the situation... ab yeh to yad hoga swap tujhe...?