Monday, February 4, 2008

Technology cheers...

Technology is really amazing.

Yesterday evening it helped me in doing something really cool. PS (or S as he is generally known as) is an old friend from DCE and was also my partner in crime and flatmate in Bangalore for almost one year when I first came here. He moved to Delhi in the early part of last year and is currently undertaking a training with a client in Switzerland. Zurich, more specifically.

He’s been there for a couple of weeks now and we see each other online wherein we chat and I ask him extremely intelligent and high level existential questions - How are the chicks there? Is booze cheap there? What’s the nightlife like? Any exotic clubs there? etc etc.. You know, very very critical questions.

But yesterday gtalk helped us in taking the discussion to a whole new level. We started a voice chat for the first time since he’s gone there. So PS sitting in Zurich and me sitting in my room in Bangalore had a long and lengthy conversation. was just like the good ol’ days! Same discussion topics, same swear words, same making fun of the other and then seething when your own fun is made (Is that even correct English? I could go back and reconstruct the whole sentence again…but I’m not doing it. As long as you get what I’m saying, I’m fine. do get what I’m saying, right?).

Now as is wont to happen in such lengthy conversations, the throat, gets parched. Now as the first thing S did on reaching foreign lands was to find out the nearest place to get liquid nourishment (hehe, he’s in the German speaking part of Switzerland - I can imagine the efforts he must’ve put in to get this precious information. For the record he has also found an Indian store where he gets MTR ready to eat mixes, rice, Indian masalas etc. So, the point is that he does indeed seek other forms of nourishment too. But yes, the liquid ones come first.).

So he walks to the fridge and pulls out a Heineken (Yeah, yeah, he’s been showing off these phoren brands since he’s gone there. Is about to open it when I hear the distinct sign of a can landing on the table –

Swap: “What the hell. Where are your manners you $@%#@^%”
PS: “Wha…? Whaddaya mean @%#%^&”
S: “You’re gonna start in the middle of the afternoon there, and that too all alone?”
PS: “True..Maybe I should put this back….hmm, nah, you have anything?”
S: “ Nope, but give me 10 minutes”
PS: “ Ok, that’s the advantage of this Swiss weather. This will still be chilled in 10 minutes (chattering teeth)”
10 minutes
S:” Cool, am back! And you #%#$$#!^, you’re not the only one with a phoren brand!”
PS: “ Whattcha get?”
S: “ Bud waasssaaapppp “(Hope you’ve seen the ad, or this would make absolutely no sense to you. Here it is anyway, to refresh your memory [ see what a considerate blog I run :) ] )

* Pop…*pour…*clink…*cheers

So we did cheers across 7381 kilometres! Technology really really cheers !!

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