Sunday, February 10, 2008

Boycott Roadies...

How could you do this to me Mtv?

The most awesome roadie, the one with the coolest attitude, the heir-apparent to the earlier rockstar Bani, not to mention her sigh-oh-so-cute looks, Ankita has been voted out in the very first episode of Roadies.

For those who don't know Roadies:

To see Ankita: - She's in black.

Of all the miserable things that could've happened to spoil the day, this is the worst. I was so looking forward to seeing her journey on with the Roadies. Now don't get me wrong, the fact that she's really pretty is not the only reason i'm distraught at the thought of not seeing her on TV more often. She had that awesome cool defiant call-a-spade-a-spade attitude that I really love. She would've blossomed out as the show would've progressed, the lone beacon of in your face defiance in the face of petty politics and groupism and backstabbing. She sounded intelligent, articulate and cool - that awesome combination.

And to cap it all she had that 'voice'.There's an undertone in her voice that makes it so alluring that you can just sit and listen to her talk for hours and hours (Which I was planning to do by watching all the re-runs of Roadies everytime they came. Alas, no more).

But they ganged up against her, the @#%%!#$%^s. Ganged up against a poor innocent defenceless girl. 10 votes to push her out of the show. 10 votes. Out of 12.

They got scared of her, they knew she'd have beaten them all.

Don't worry Ankita, you're winner in my eyes (I bet it counts for something, not much, but something atleast)

AND I will not be watching Roadies this year. Its just not going to be worth it without Ankita. (Well,er..let me think this through - Shambhavi is quite cute too...)

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