Sunday, December 23, 2007

Weekend Exertion and Maggi thoughts...

Before we commence with the main post we shall be making a very obvious bid for sympathy from all the ... er... three readers of this blog.

I went to play tennis for three hours yesterday and another two and a half hours today. And I am incapable of moving now! It took me a great deal of pain and the better part of half an hour to drag the laptop bag to my vicinity, connect to the internet (You better appreciate this post- its taken grit, determination, sweat and even some blood just to open blogger).

I'm discovering muscles in my body that I did not know existed (Did you know there is a 8 mm long muscle just below the third rib on the right side that seems to act up only when you serve a tennis ball? 'Act up' is right, theres a perpetual dull throbbing pain interspersed with shooting pains since yesterday.)

All my joints are protesting and locking up. Pop sounds abound as I try to drag myself to do anything at all. You'll have to excuse any mishpellengs- even my finger joints seem to be following the larger joints in their mass strike...

OK, enough of this sympathy gathering. Suffice to say that inspite of all this i'm looking forward to another strenuous tennis session day after when I have a day off for Christmas.

I've been meaning to write about Maggi ( a long time now (Yes, my cook has stopped coming). If theres anything that could be given the epithet of "Elixir of Bachelorhood" - it should unanimously go to this awesome thing. In fact i'm surprised it didn't figure in the greatest inventions of the 20th century list.

But more importantly its one of the most versatile food item that brings out the culinary creativity in every single person who calls it his/her staple diet. So today I shall educate the populace by listing a few good and/or interesting recipes for making Maggi that i've come across /tried/ seen and baulked at/ etc.

The ones I like:

1. Cheese Maggi
One unit Maggi - hot. Add a slice of standard cheese. Let it melt a little, then mix a bit. Yumm. (If you're in Delhi go to the Monastery next to IIFT for excellent cheese Maggi.)

2. Egg Maggi
Two ways to make it - add a fried egg over the said bowl of noodles. Or break an egg over the pan when its getting cooked- mix violently.

3. Garam Masala Maggi
Standard operating of the pack recipe plus loads of garam masala

Now the strange ones:

1. B's fried Maggi
Make a standard bowl of Maggi. Now to make it even more unhealthy heat some cooking oil in another container, heat AND fry the Maggi in it. (Don't ask, seriously, don't ask. B has weird tastes)

2. Aam ka achar Maggi (Mango pickle Maggi)

Add the pickle without putting in the pieces of mango. Mix well. It tastes surprisingly good. Though not the kind i'd like to eat regularly.

3. The-too-many-people-not-enough-maggi Maggi

Cook maggi once. Then add water again and bring to boil again. Add salt, chilly etc to taste. Once this is cooked you'll see that the volume of Maggi is almost twice of the standard bowl of Maggi. Call more friends over!

And now the disgusting one

I've had half a bite beer Maggi once - disgusting to the core. I mean cooking in french wines is one thing, but beer...yuck..DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT TRYING IT!

By the way Maggi is on the menu tonight- hmm I wonder which one it'll be...


raindrops said...

"maggie" is truly synonomous with independence; it gives one from bothering about survival. In a sense it empowers with the feeling to be on ur own (though quite undesirable after sumtime, c'mon it is the laziest option!!).For those who have been in hostels, staying alone etc etc have loads of special maggie memories. Three cheers for the great discovery called - maggie........

Swapnil said...

wow (awestruck) that was profound. Truly a bigger Maggie worshipper than I can ever hope to be... :)

bhumika said...

ah maggie - it sure brings back a lot of fond memories...

my favourite maggie recipe (and i think i have written abt it on some other blog too) is the chinese maggie. add soy sauce, vinegar, chilly sauce, some spring onions and you can enjoy chinese flavours without burning a hole in your pocket :)

and yes, i loved the ad too - kids screaming "maggie, Maggie,MAGGIE!!!"

Swapnil said...

Well that sounds tasty - but it needs a lot of stuff thats generally never available at a bachelor pad...

Still if you're at home, this seems really tasty

maggi Maggi MAGGI :)

Rathin said...

Dude, beer Maggi?? Even a beer lover would find it repulsive.

But then again, as someone once said - It must have taken great courage to discover that frogs legs are edible.

Swapnil said...

Rathin: Tell me about it!

BTW awesome line about the frog legs!