Sunday, December 16, 2007

Alone and blogging...

Now as a few of you may know my roomie R has left and gone back to Delhi. I'm moving out to a house nearby where a couple of friends are already staying. In the interim, till the notice period (probably towards the end of this month) gets over, I'm staying in my beautiful house all alone.

And its a bit strange because towards the end of the day I get quite bored. I mean, not that we used to sit together and chat about our day, or life or anything everyday but it was still nice to see / perceive some activity happening at home.

So till I'm stuck at home I've noticed myself binging or overdoing everything because i'm alone. May it be food, reading,internet, sleeping and just plain lazing.(Hell, even blogging- see the frequency of my posts over the last few days for proof)

Now I always used to think that I'm a very stable person who'd be able to stay alone and amuse myself perfectly easily. As long as I have a phone, a few books, a bit of TV I should be fine. But its been disproved twice now. Earlier when I had an apartment to myself in Ahmedabad and now. But then I used to think that because I hated the work I was doing there I wasn't enjoying the place (Ahmedabad is rather a nice city. Sweet vegetarian food not withstanding!)

Anyway, I guess i'm just a social person :). But seriously i'll go daft in a month of this- suggest something interesting for me to do...please!


raindrops said...

Err.. R u waiting for ur roomie to leave u so that u can exlpore the damn world outside, i mean there's sooooo much to do!
Do i need to say nething else??

Swapnil said...

er..well a few specific suggestions would've been good :)

But I figured out a couple myself- keep your eyes skinned for the next post :)

Anshuman said...

1. Throw a party for your friends
2. Organise a party on behalf of Prasun, to celebrate his PPO

bhumika said...

1)Experiment a bit with your culinary skills – all the more since your roomie is not around :P
2)Watch a couple of movies back to back on a weekend
3)Go for long walks in the eve
4)Keep blogging!

And yes, Ahmedabad is a rather good city :)

Ritwik Bisaria said...

u better move in rather quickly!!

Abhinav Gupta said...

How about moving to Delhi, beta!

Swapnil said...

Anshu: hmmm... how about inviting a poor lonely ol' boy over for more brilliant rajma chawal?

Bhumika: Some good ideas - thanks. And I bet you like sweet food :)

Ritwik: You may live to regret preponing my arrival :)

Reddy: kaash...