Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Why Wii...

This weekend I met up with an old friend from school. Amongst other things I used to open batting for my class cricket team and he used to come one down. Also, i've hit an amazing six, a sparkling cover drive and a poetic square cut (strokes that have remain etched in my memory ever since...of course lets not discuss the shots I played after these wonderful shots..yes, embarrassing, so moving right on...) using his bat. Oh, and one more memory of the inter-class matches, we also got into a running-between-the-wickets muddle once and he got run out (But anyway, I learnt something new that day- behind point is the non-strikers call :)).

He has this amazing gadget which I hadn't known before. Its called a Nintendo Wii (pronounced "we" according to wikipedia and "why" according to AB, my friend).


And its just so cool! It has a remote control like controller that works by reflecting the movements that you make with that stick like controller on the screen. It's really awesome to play tennis, baseball and a myriad other games using this. Details, and if you're interested (as I was after playing it) to know how it works -

(Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this blog is an effort to educate and instruct the masses and make their pithy lives more enriched!)

But my shoulder is still hurting from playing baseball that day. AB, who has a rather cruel sense of humour, told me that the harder you swing the controller, the harder the bat swings. What he conveniently forgot to mention was that you needn't torque your shoulder at inhuman speeds to get power in your hits, a simple twitch of the wrist would do the same.

("Well, you looked funny doing it..." was his response when I confronted him)

Why are all my friends so sadistic??!!

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Anshuman said...

I think it maybe because you are gullible!
Glad you liked the Wii (I pronounce it "WE" too!) The characters are called Mii ("ME").

Heres a blog entry I had written on the Wii sometime back:

Glad you liked the Wii, its a revolution in gaming!