Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another quickie update...

Awww don't pout, i'm back ain't I?

ok, ok so I haven't been writing like a rapid fire machine gun recently.

Its just that I'd gone on a vacation to Delhi for the festival of Diwali . Now if theres one thing that really pulls me back home, this festival is it. I remember last year I wasn't able to go home for Diwali and was absolutely miserable (You haven't seen me moping and loping and snapping at people, trust me a miserable Swapnil is in sharp contradiction to the wonderful and genial one)

A bit of a digression. I'm re-reading a nice big Uncle Fred Omnibus by PG Wodehouse and am re-discovering the sheer joy of reading him. Hence, you will see convulated and complex sentence structures in clumsy attempts to come across as funny. The clumsy part is me, PGW does it effortlessly and smoothly. An example that comes to mind. A detective is reporting the movements of a lady to a character in the book -
"...and then the subject moved out in the company of three people, 2 m. and 1 f."
"2 males my Lord and the remaining individual being..."
"Ah, the other being, in sharp contradiction, female. Right. Go on."

See? smooth, "in sharp contradiction". Hehe. [small disclaimer, this isn't an exact exchange. This is what I remember. The actual one built up even better and I was rolling on the floor clutching my tummy.]

Anyway, fortunately for me I managed to get hold of three more people who were as miserable as I was and we drove down to Goa. It wasn't like going home but yeah, it was fun.

So I was in Delhi since the 1st till the 11th and I decided that I would get rid of the compulsion that is growing within me to be infront of my laptop, logged on to the world wide web almost perpetually. I decided, amongst much awe and thunder and lightening (a la Bhishm pitamah's pratigya - and, there you go my non-indian readers)to not go online at all for the duration of my stay in Delhi. And by God I stuck to my words - er.. except twice when I checked emails {embarrased grin}. But no that was AGs fault, I was sitting in his hostel room with his laptop open and beckoning me seductively (like Menaka -, there you go!... hmmm lots of mythological Mahabharat related references- wonder why). Yes, yes I succumbed.

Ahem, moving right on. The trip was fun, I met a lot of my friends there, went to the Delhi chapter Alumni meet of IIFT where I met a lot of people I hadn't met for a long time, went to DCE just to look around (Bihari and I were there. Lots of amazing changes have happened there, but somethings never change! The academic block staff was just as efficient and helpful as before {snigger} and the Chhole Samose were just as tasty and nostalgic {absolutely true} as before - sigh, here:, met my sister and niece - (Note to self: she's turning 2 on the 17th, er... my niece not my sis, remember to send a nice gift), spent time with parents, relived a bit of college by hanging out at AA's hostel, met a couple of other friends.

All in all a nice whirlwind of fun in Delhi and now I'm back.

On a slightly introspective note, I was thinking that currently when I go to Delhi, i go for short durations and all my friends rally around, alter their calendars, put off dates, ignore deadlines to meet up and party. (Yes, I'm an attention seeking worm, atleast for my close friends!) But suppose the rarity of my presence (ahem) wears off - say, if I move permanently to Delhi - then would it be fun? Or would it feel stupid that the gang is in the vicinity, but is too busy to meet? Hmm, will have to think about this

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