Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How do you do it Mr. Ali...

Amazing, I have no other words!

Mr. Imtiaz Ali is the director of amazingly genuine and fresh movies (eg. Soch na tha, that we all knew. Anyone who's seen Socha na tha will become an instant fan of this moviemaker who seems to take story telling to such a simple level that the audience is thoroughly enthralled.

Ok, so fine he's a genius at these romantic flicks, but now he's gone and done the impossible! He's made Kareena Kapoor palatable.

Now, lets get the facts straight, I hate Kareena Kapoor, I abhor the way she screeches instead of speaking (I positively HATE screechy women), I detest the way she (over) acts at all times, I loathe the way she looks when she tries to look sad (an exception being Omkara), also i slightly illogically find her cheeks repugnant (ok, ok I can't help it, its true).

But Mr. Ali has done the impossible, I adored the character of Geet that she plays in his latest movie 'Jab We Met'. Now when he did 'Socha na tha' he was working with two fresh faces (Abhay Deol and Ayesha Takia {sigh..if you didn't get it - siiigggghhhhh}) who had no reputation and hence the way he presented them was establishing the way the audience perceives them.

But this time he took the mantle with two established stars who have a certain image, are loved/hated by a large number of people AND he had to completely change that image. Also, these two actors were dating in real life too and thus had another strong image with the audience. And boy, did he succeed !

The premise of the movie is very simple, its a typical boy meets girl story where Aditya, a demoralized industrialist - dumped by his girl - an eloped mom, meets Geet, effervescent - bubbly - lover of life - in love with a guy she wants to elope with, on a train that he was sitting in after getting thoroughly depressed (on the verge of suicide)and leaving all his wordly possessions. They, er, she strikes a conversation with him regurgitating her whole life, philosophy etc. on him while he tries to hold his temper with the overwhelming sadness inside him.

In the middle of the night he gets off at a station in a bid to escape his loquacious tormentor (er..that's Geet, I tend to get carried away a bit). But she gets off the train to try and get him back on and in the process ends up missing the train.

Thus, begins their journey through the western and central hinterland of India, where Aditya falls for the chick while she is still ranting about Anshuman, the boyfriend who she wants to marry.

They reach her hometown Bhatinda where Aditya meets her family and helps Geet to escape to Manali to meet her "true love". A leaves G at Manali and returns to Mumbai with a renewed faith and hope in life.

9 months pass, and one day he's accosted by the girl's family who hasn't heard from her for 9 months and are obviously distraught. A decides to find her and finds out that she's living in Shimla after being unceremoniously dumped by Anshuman. A finds her and takes her with him, but a repentant Anshuman manages to convince Geet, and eventually all three go to Bhatinda to set up Geet and Anshuman's wedding.

After a series of gaffes and seriously funny moments (I was rolling on the floor, clutching my stomach on occasions) Geet realizes her true love and they live happily ever after.

Nice and simple, no layers of interpretations, no villains- have a simple tale, tell it simply and with heart, and it shows.

I mean, I'm endorsing a Kareena Kapoor movie, man, it must've been really special!

Bitchy PS: There's a dialogue by Kareena to Shahid - "Yeh jo waqt hum abhi ji rahe hain na, yeh bahut accha hai" (This time that we have together right now is very good)
Can you imagine what was going through her mind at that point? (She dumped Shahid kapoor immediately after this movie's shooting)

A few I can think of -
- hehe, dream on mate, this ain't gonna last for you!
- hehe, this time is OVER kiddo, atleast for you!



Tushar D.Verma said...

kareena in yuva
kareena in omkara
kareena in jwm

woof woof

Neha said...

dude...u have told the story of the flick!!...but yes, I agree for once Kareena is bearable and actually likeable inspite of all the things that u dont like about her being there in the movie....she is loud and screechy and obviously overacts...Geet will be her best for a long time as I dont think what Imitiaz did can be repeated so easily....
And I Shahid deserves more than a passing mention in your review....he was the perfect foil...

Swapnil said...

Tushar: yuck!

Neha: oops, should've put a spoiler warning!
Also, i didn't think too much of Shahid, hehe, you obviously beg to differ :)